Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Lady Luck

I saw an advertisements for these new nail polishes recently in a magazine and I was instantly attracted to this colour, so when I needed a bit of a cheap and cheerful pick me up I headed to Priceline for a fix! 

I believe these usually retail for around $10.00 but it was on sale for $6.00 which is pretty reasonable. 

I don't wear much glitter polish as it doesn't tend to 'go' with the outfits I tend to wear and it is super hard to get off but I really liked the look of this colour. 

Unfortunately this isn't a 'two coat and you're good to go' kind of polish which I soon found out after one coat. 

In the end it took FOUR coats for it to look anything like what it looked like in the advertisement. Ahhhh, the power of marketing! 

-Nice colour once you build it up.
-Relatively cheap
-Large brush
- Easy to find in store.
-A bit of fun.

- Need a multitude of coats to make this work. 
- The finish doesn't stay glossy at all so I had to add a top coat which didn't really do much, and meant I had 6 coats of polish together with the base coat I put on underneath!
-Thought this was a purple polish with glitter but it's really a clear polish with fine purple glitter and flakies.
-Seems to chip easily.

I think next time I will put a purple base coat of polish underneath and that should fix most of my problems. Overall, I don't hate it but I'm not head over heels for it either. 

Have you tried any of the other colours in this range? Are you a fan of glitter polish?


  1. I haven't tried glitter polish, not sure if ladies on the wrong side of 30 can always pull it off but I like this one. It's not too OTT :)

  2. you should try this over ulta3's purple pumps, a super bright purple! the colour looks a little bit to washed out for me, i like really solid colours and six coats is just a bit too much!

    man glitter is a b**ch to get off! x

  3. I picked this up in the neutral gold/beige shade. Have yet to try it but I'm seeing it as more of an accent shade on my ring finger - maybe over the top of OPI's Over The Taupe?

  4. Six coats is a bit much in my opinion! Maybe over another shade. It is very pretty though! xx


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