Friday, March 9, 2012

Say My Name


If there is one thing that sticks with you for life, it is your name. Well I know you could change it but not that many people tend to. 

Personally, I love my name and I couldn't think of anything else I would rather be called. I suppose it's because after 22 years I have become quite accustomed to being a Gillian - funny that! To an extent though I do think your name does shape your personality. 

I'm a Gillian with a G, so technically I should be Gillian pronounced Gill-as-in-fish-gill-ian but it's pronounced like Jillian with a J. My mum actually wanted it to be pronounced like it is spelt but people didn't say it like that that so it never stuck!

Depending where you look the meaning of my name is meant to be  'youthful' , 'young at heart' or 'downy haired'. Um, when I think downy haired I think of some unfortunate genetic condition! I prefer to lean towards  'young at heart' as I like to think I will be young forever and I think that shines through in my personality. 

For a bit of fun I searched Gillian on Urban Dictionary and this was the first entry:

"An amazing person inside, attractive, can be shy on the outside to new people but once you get to know them very outgoing and silly in a good way. Best friend to possibly have, never tells secrets. Sometime insecure because others put them down. Gillian is a truly fun person to be around."

Some of those things describe me, I am definitely outgoing and silly in a good way ( that's what I tell myself!) , don't tell secrets and am fun to be around. 

So tell me about your name? Do you like it? Would you change it? What does it mean? Tell me all!


  1. I love the name Gillian! So awkward, I met a work person Gillian I'd only ever emailed before, and pronounced it with a hard G. She never corrected me that it was with a 'J' despite the spelling. Only found out when someone else told me post-meeting.

    I like my name Michaela, but hate the variations that are popping up everywhere, Mikayla, Mihala, Mekahla etc. Such a name snob!

    1. I don't really get my name mispronounced all that often and I don't bother correcting unless I know I will be seeing that person again ha ha.

      There is a thousand ways to spell a name, doesn't mean that you should just because you can ha ha.

  2. I too love the name Gillian! One of my best friends in primary school was named Jillian, so I have a soft spot for the name.

    I love my name (Rachel). It's normal and reasonably common and not *too* many people have it. And I like the letter R, lol. The only thing that annoys me about it is that people constantly spell it Rachael (which is a stupid spelling IMO) or people call me Rebecca for some reason.


    1. We are a good bunch ;)

      Rebecca is a bit different to Rachel! I normally get Julian but that is kind of the same! I used to have a friend Rachael and I agree, could never remember if it was AE or EA!

  3. I like this post! I too think a person's name really shapes their personality, which is weird, but I do think its true. Your name really suits you! I actually didnt realise that Gillian with a G could be pronounced Gill-as-in-fish-gill-ian. I have thought it was always 'Jillian.' Interesting!

    My names drives me a bit mental because it's so weird. I'm forever having to spell it or correct people's pronunciation, but I dont mind it. I resent the fact that my mum wanted to call me Sienna but my dad refused because 'it's an ugly colour' hahaha. (damn artists!!! I love the name Sienna). I was nameless for 3 days and he came up with Kirryn. Go figure!

    1. Sienna is a nice name but so is Kirryn! It's unique but not in a bad way like Robeckah or Khristy or something along those lines ha ha.

      I am glad I am Gillian and not Alexandra which was the other name my mum had in mind. No offence to the Alexandra's of the world but I don't think it suits me!

  4. I have five names in total. Three middle names and a first name. Le sigh. My first name is Cassandra, which I love. It's elegant and means 'entangler of men' or 'helper of men.' So cool! Cassandra was also a Trojan princess who saw the future but nobody believed her. There's a lot of history behind my name, and there's even the Cassandra Complex. I also like 'Cassie' but it sounds peppy and energetic and fun, all things I aspire to be :)

    1. 5 names! Must take you four days to fill out application forms :P

      Cassandra is very elegant! It's good that you also get an easy nickname out of it ( Cassie) and it sounds like you are cool with that. Your name has an awesome meaning!

      I get called Gill a lot, it's kind of a given people call me that but I don't mind, it's like I have two names in one haha.

  5. Trying to remember what i wrote....

    i've only just recently met a couple of gillian/jillian's and so far i really like them both! so my experience with the name is lovely... there's the blog gillian (that's you) and my work jillian... both two people that i really like and who think i'm pretty funny which is always a bonus!

    it's funny how an experience with a certain name can colour it for life. i've never met a person called alison that i've like or who has been nice. i was bullied quite badly at school by a girl called alyson and then again at the first place i worked out of school by a girl called allison so it's ruined that name for me!

    i really like my name although it has quite a ridiculous meaning in some names dictionaries. google it... my name is a name everyone has heard of but they don't necessarily know anyone called that. although there is ALWAYS one in any american teen movie you watch!

    mr flats has a most unusual name. i think there's only two or three of them in australia with his name. he was named after a greek war hero, well that's what he told me when we first started dating & i though that was a load of boohockey made up to impress me. until we went to athens some years later to visit his family and they showed me the monument build in this fellow's honour! given it's so unusual people never get it right and he always gives my name for anything that requires a name being called out :)

    phew, long comment!

    1. It's because Gillian/ Jillian's are awesome :D I only went to school with one Jillian but she was in a different year and with a J so I got full ownership of my own name haha. I've seen a few Gillian's come up through correspondence at work though! I also saw a Gillianne which sounds very French.

      I so know what you mean about people ruining a name! A nice Alison needs to come along and restore your faith in the name!

      Hehe your name has a hilarious meaning! I don't know anyone else with your name but you are right about the teen movies.

      I am so curious about Mr. Flats name! I think it is a smart move to give your name out for orders, sometimes it is more trouble than it is worth to repeat/pronounce it a million times!


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