Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Weekend Wrap Up

Continuing on from Friday......

I went to see Kanye West's concert! I loooooooveeeeeeeee Kanye, I think his songs are amazing and I spend a good amount of time rapping along to them each day while I am driving. Actually, the way I rap the songs is so passionate you would think that it was ME who wrote them! You don't even want to see how I behave when Gold Digger comes on when I am at a club. I don't want to see that either, it is sure to be horrendously embarrassing. 

ANYWAY, the concert was great although I do wish he played more songs from College Dropout which has some of my favourite tracks i.e School Spirit, Last Call and New Workout Plan. Oh well! 

It was a great night and the crowd was really into it which was great because there is nothing worse then being in the seating section and wanting to dance but everyone else is sitting there with a bored look on their face. 

In between dancing like a maniac I was double parking with gin and tonics and excitedly tweeting the lovely Ballet Flats who was also there. 

This is my sister and I before we left. She is so tall wahhh not fair! 

Ahhh yeh...... that is one terrible picture of Kanye haha. 

I took this one short video, but I couldn't help but notice people were standing there videoing the whole thing on their crappy iPhones?! Surely it would be better to actually watch the concert and use your MEMORY to recall how awesome it was instead of a grainy screechy video like the one featured below haha. 

Yesterday I was waiting for T to come back from Melbourne and to avoid having my second nanna nap of the day ( addiction) I made an easy butter cake. Topped it with some rosewater whipped cream ( YUM!) and strawberries and took it to share with T's family. Nice and easy dessert. 

Had a few glasses of wine which always go down well. Severe lack of cheese was noted. 

Went to my favourite breakfast/brunch/lunch place for a late lunch. Wildpear! It is a little place is a nursery out in Dural and it is so surprisingly good! If you ever in northwest Sydney and in need of food you should go there!

Behold the magnificence of fig and ricotta bruschetta with mint and orange blossom honey. SO. FREAKIN'. GOOD!

Wildpear people! That is where it is at! Google it! 

I love figs and I really need to pick up a box from the many roadside stalls near T's place. I find that they tend to spoil quickly though?

Oh I also made a trip to Bunnings on my own accord to buy a new plant for my room ( Read: To replace the one that met an untimely end after a extreme sun/too much water ) incident. At $2.50 a pop  it is a much cheaper option then fresh flowers!

As I had just finished at the gym I was really keen on a sausage sizzle but it wasn't ready yet. THIS IS WHY I HATE BUNNINGS! Too much walking and the denial of sausage sizzles. You've crossed me one too many times! 

Finally, I went ahead and bought the much lusted after Acne Pistol boots and they should be with me before the end of the week! SO EXCITED! Thank you Net-A-Porter! 

So that does it for me. As usual I would love to know what everyone else got up to? And does anyone have any plant growing tips to share? HELP ME! 

Ps. I shall go insane if this humidity does not up and leave ASAP! 

Friday, January 27, 2012


Hope you all had a great Australia Day!

Due to the weather ( Fake Summer 2011/2012 strikes again) it seemed pointless to organise a BBQ, go swimming or head to the beach. So I had a think and and decided the best course of action was to head to high tea!

As I have a large memory bank of eateries all around Sydney stored in my brain I recalled that the high tea at Lilianfels in the Blue Mountains was meant to be good so I rounded up the girls and away we we went! And by off we went I mean we took a hour and a half drive there battling blinding rains on the freeway and ominous fogs haha. It's a really pretty place though!


Scones with jam and double cream are so good ! My favourite! Sandwiches with the crusts cut off on lovely soft bread! 

Now the sweets were nice but personally I feel quite sickly and one or two is enough for me, I'd prefer more sandwiches!

The area where they hold the high tea is so lovely and with the rain outside it was super cosy.

Love my girls!

Pretty gardens!

Last night I had nothing to do and I was really bored so I took myself down to Woolies for supplies.

 Lychee liqueur with this raspberry lemonade and lemon slices was heavenly!

I will never knock back some camembert with fig paste. Hello dinner. 

I then settled in and watched One Day. Excellent movie! I wish I had read the book first. There were tears.....wah! Loved it!

I took today off work as leave in anticipation of the hang over I thought I would have and then friends I thought would not be working. I WAS WRONG! 

After moping about hating on the rain I decided to get my self together and took myself off to Paddington to the Acne store as I realllllllly wanted to try on some pistol boots for size. 

This is what I wore. 

This rain is wrecking havoc with my hair. I rediscovered NARS Flamenco lipstick. Still not sure about it. 

Bad photo, but I LOVE THEM! I needed a size 38 though as the 39 was a touch too big and they didn't have them in stock. I tried on a suede pair in 38 and there were perfect. Have ordered them in but will search online for a better price in the mean time . YAY! This is the most I will have dropped for any item of apparel ever. To be honest, I think about these shoes every day. 

Had a bite to eat, read some Pride and Prejudice on the Kindle ( not enjoying) and came home. 

Tonight I am going to see Kanye West. My main objectives is to sing like I wrote the songs myself and have a child with Yeezy. Can't wait!

Whats happening with the rest of you? Do you like high tea? Do you agree that the sweet to savoury ratio is out of proportion? Anyone else feel like the rain is ruining their lives? Tell me all!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Tag!

I've been tagged by The Lust Laboratory to take part in a blog tag - so here goes!

First, the rules:-

  1. You must post the rules.
  2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
  3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
  4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post
  5. Let them know you've tagged them!
Which i forgot to post in the first place! Derp!

I won't eat second day bread rolls EVER. Ew.

I am a really fast reader and if I start a book in the morning I will compulsively read it until I've finished it before the end of the night if pesky distractions ( read: life, work..) don't get in the way.

I really resent the fact that I can write my first name in beautiful cursive but I haven't found a way to write my surname decently! 

I kind of hate dogs...... well I don't mind dogs except when they lick you and jump on you and sit there eyeballing you for your food! Definitely a cat person right here. 

I am afraid of cockroaches. My body literally shivers if I see one. 

The first concert I ever saw was Blink 182 and I thought I was SoOoOoOo cool.

I still nick my Dad's gold coins off the kitchen bench to buy coffees with....sorry Dad but if you snooze you lose!

When the new Harry Potter books came out when I was a kid  my equally obsessed cousin and myself used to organise to go to one of our houses on the weekend and spent the whole time reading our own copies nonstop.....not even playing with/ talking to each other haha. 

I wasn't the most popular girl in high school but I was voted best overall girl in my highschool year book!

My mum was the kind of mum who made me go to school on the last day of term and I used to make my friends sign petitions to give to her. After a few years she gave in. 

My boyfriend asked me out while we were watching a Shakespeare play at the Opera House. He didn't even take drama as a subject, come to think of it i have no idea WHY he was there. 

1. How old were you when you had your first kiss?

14...or maybe 15?! And at the time I thought that I was incredibly old to be having my first kiss ha ha!

2. Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid?

3. How much TV do you watch a day?
I spend all day on the computer and then my laptop when I get home and have nothing to do so I don't really watch that much TV at all. 

4. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I am not a shoe person, I would say I have less than 10 pairs all up. 

5. Do you send out Christmas cards each year?
No, I am too lazy.

6. How often do you go to the hairdressers?
Maybe two or three times a year? I only get my hair cut at the hairdressers and I always put it off because I hate my hair no matter what. 

7. Do you like any weird foods/weird food combos?
I love polenta with Greek youghurt which I thought was normal growing up because that's how my Dad made it for me on the weekends, but I can now see it's not a usual combination. Still love it though!

8. What is your favourite possession?
As much as I love my Macbook and my car, if my house was burning down I would still grab the material doll my Nanna made me when my mum was in hospital having my sister ( 19 years ago!) and my small box of photos/reminders of my teenage years. Oh and my cat....

9. What is the best present you have ever received?
Cold hard cash from my parents on my 21st which enabled me to finally book a trip to NYC! 

10. What is your favourite toenail polish colour?
Anything bright like a coral or bright orange!

11. Do you have a favourite flower?
I love plain white lillies but can't stand how they stain with their pollen!

Now for my eleven questions:

1. Do your family/ friends know you blog?
2. How long have you known your best friend?
3. If you had to choose, would you rather loose your vision or your hearing?
4. What was the name of your first boyfriend?
5. In the event of a Zombie apocalypse, would you fight to LIVE or do what I would do, succumb to a life as a zombie to avoid the fear and living without nice things ha ha?
6. Would you rather be forced to watch Two and a Half Men or the Brady Bunch for the rest of your life?
7. What are three qualities you admire in a person?
8. How old were you when you got your first mobile phone?
9. Have you / would you attend your 10 year high school reunion?
10. Did you ever sneak out of the house without your parents knowing?
11. What was your most embarrassing moment ever?

Because I am a RULE BREAKER I am not going to tag anyone in particular because a lot of people have already done this! Soooooo if you would like to answer my questions please do so and leave a comment so I know to check out your answers!

Australia Day tommorrow! I have four days off....oh the joy. This weather sucks. What are you all up to?

Friday, January 13, 2012

For The Public Record

The madness must stop. This man is not hot, nor is he a babe, or even inexplicably attractive. 



To set the record straight - please feast your eyes on the following.

Jake Gyllenhaal in a straight up babe kind of way. Yes please.

Josh Homme in a 'I've wanted to have babies with you since I was 14 you tall sexy man' kind of way.

Clive Owen in a hot dad kind of way. Never underestimate the power of a hot dad ( not your own father....gross). 

Chris Issak in a I don't know why but it just feels right kind of way ( please see Kenickie from Grease, and only in Grease,  for a further example).

Alexander Skarsgard but ONLY as Vampire Eric, and preferably naked.

Ed Westwick but only as Chuck and only for his irresistible bad boy charm.

And a new entry.........Ryan Reynolds. I only want to hear the words 'Ryan' and 'hot' in a sentence if we are talking about this fine specimen. This came about after a dream in which Mr. Reynolds was my uni lecturer however all he did was perform sit ups in his underwear. YES. PLEASE.

You have to be careful though. Sometimes someone who you thought was THE BEST THING EVER somehow does a 360 on you. Meet Aaron Carter, my future husband circa 1997.

Hello handsome.

Uhhhhhhhh....nice shirt.

Wait a minute...




Not Ryan Gosling


Robert "Footface" Pattinson or any other star from Twilight.
Zac Efron. I don't trust a man with eyebrows that perfect.
Paul Walker , because he reminds me of my most hated movies of all time.
Bradley Cooper . As if he isn't the same person as Marv from Home Alone people. Did anyone think MARV was a babe?!


So tell me, am I the only person in the universe who doesn't get the Ryan Gosling thing? Did you just unsubscribe from this blog because I said it?

Who do you find to be totally babein? Or did someone turn out to be your Aaron Carter?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pink Lady

There is one lipstick in particular that just can't escape my attention at the moment and that is M.A.C Chatterbox. I've been wearing it hear there and everywhere! This is a case of lipstick I brought quite a while ago, wore once, and promptly ignored. Now it is making a come back in a big way!

Chatterbox is one of M.A.C's Amplified Creme formulas which I LOVE ( kept in good company by Girl About Town and Vegas Volt) - the texture is sublime. Creamy and non-drying while packing a punch of colour, it doesn't get much better than that in my book. 

It's definitely love at second sight.

I've got six Back 2 M.A.C empty packagings lined up and ready to exchange for a new lippie, hit me with your favourite M.A.C shades please! I can't decide!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Summer Holidays

The beginning of the New Year brings a close to another glorious three weeks off work! Back to work tomorrow to join the rest of the masses for another year......sigh.

At least there was plenty of this. 

And this.

Oh and this! Can anyone say FastFeb?!

Stalked plenty of adorable cats. 

Did not nearly enough of this. 

Headed out for NYE and had an AMAZING NIGHT!

Wore plenty of cool summery clothes.

Ate plenty of BAD things to ease away hangovers.

Lounged in the pool.

Lounged in the spa.

Lounged in the sun! A whole lot of lounging and I was loving it sick.

Beautiful sunsets.

Breakfasts galore!

No complaints here - just how I love spending the break!

Anybody else going back to work tomorrow? I don't even remember how to get up before 10am these days. WAH!