Friday, July 29, 2011

Write it Up

I first discovered Typo while on a blogger meet last year. I was oblivious to the fact it even existed.

My how times have changed. I can't even type Typo without experiencing the desire to purchase stationary that I will likely never use.

Whilst looking for a travel wallet the other day I saw this super cute notebook. Is this not the perfect travel journal for my upcoming trip?

I want to do quite a bit of writing when I am away so I have a great read to look back on in the years to come.

Now to keep searching for the ever elusive non-ugly and at least slightly practical travel wallet. 

Suggestions welcome!

Have you ever kept a travel journal?

Monday, July 25, 2011


I have a serious problem, an addiction that has followed me for many years, one that I have never been able to shake......


This was reinforced when I was lying in bed with T on the weekend flicking through the channels while he was trying to find the DVD remote. What did I stumble upon? Oh only one of the best movies of all time.....


The side-eye I gave T when he went to change the channel was enough for him to know not to even argue. Ahhhhh Nic Cage, I don't know what it is about you, your not at all attractive to me but if Con Air or The Rock is on them I'm all over you!

Next up, a big slice of BRUCE WILLIS PLEASE!


Give me Die Hard, doesn't matter which one. The more ridiculous the story line, the better I say! I just read that Die Hard 5 is in production, excuse me while I die and go to heaven.

And what about Armageddon? You've got action, you've got an end of the world plot, you've got perfection. It also reminds me of my second lamest ( and favourite ) joke. Armageddon? More like ARMA GEDDIN OUTTA HERE! Boom tish!

Until recently Bruce was my ultimate favourite action guy but I'm sorry to say that this is no more....Liam Neeson is on the rise ha ha. Have you seen Taken?!

Are there any films so terrible you just know it is wrong to love them, but you can't help it? Make me feel less lame PLEASE!

90's action movies are seriously awesome, but I think I better post about my all time favourite type of movie next.........

Kosmea Rose Hip Oil

Thought I would write up a quick review of Kosmea's Rose Hip Oil as I have been using it for a while now. 

I first read about RHO a few years ago now, probably something that Zoe Foster had written, touted as the secret for soft, glowing and hydrated skin. I have read that many people get fantastic results using RHO but I have to say that like most things that seem to work miracles for others ( asprin masks, microfibre clothes, Dermalogica , basically everything!), this works just OK for me. 

It seems that some weeks I can use this without experiencing breakouts, whilst other weeks causes a disaster zone! I have taken to using a small amount mainly around my eye area and tops of my cheeks which don't seem to be as sensitive as my forehead and jaw. 

What I do like about it is that is does give a soft feel to the skin, and it does give a boost of moisture especially in winter when it can feel like a lotion is not enough. 

RHO does have a peculiar smell but I am pleased to say that this brand in particular is not as noticeable as the Triology RHO I have also tried. 

It comes is a small bottle with a dropper so it doesn't get too messy. 

Overall, I could probably live without this product, as I said it doesn't always agree with me, but it is definitely reached for when my skin needs a bit of a boost.

Have you tried RHO? Did it work for you? Have you had success with a miracle product?!

Friday, July 22, 2011

On My Mind

 My urge to surround myself in glorious materialistic things has reared it's head lately! So many things I want NEED!

Here are a few:

Cloud Nine Straightening Irons (AU $270.00)

About 3 or 4 years ago, I finally brought myself a GHD. It was certainly a step up from my first hair straighter which was basically a glorified hair warmer. After wet-to-straightening the life out of my hair, I could finally straighten and GHD curl my hair! But now the edge has worn off , as has the heat of my GHD. I'm bored, I need to move on, I need a Cloud Nine!

I like the idea of the temperature control, but most of all I like it because I don't have it ha ha.  

Original Hunter Wellington Boots

Anybody who has has been in Sydney this week would know it has been wet wet wet. Let me tell you, trudging around avoiding puddles in ballerina flats is not fun. Add some wet stockings to the mix and it is REALLY not fun. If I had me a pair of these babies I'd be jumping in puddles like it was nobodies business!

Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation

I am well and truly ready to break up with MAC Studio Fix Sculpt. The colour just isn't right and it doesn't seem to sit well on my skin anymore. Time to move on! I am dying to try Pro Lumiere but hear it's being discontinued- typical! No way I will be paying Australian RRP though, will wait until I am in the US!

I'm sure there is a lot more I could think of, but I think I better stop before I torture myself!

What's on your wish list at the moment? Anything you just can't get out of your head?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ups and Downs


Sooooo delicious yum yum yum! Much better than the tequila shots I went on to consume later last night! Honestly tequila is the W.O.R.S.T! Had a great girls night out last night, nothing beats pre-drinks and awesome music. Totally brought out my inner rapper.

Took myself and my hangover to get a Caramelised Palm Sugar Macaron. Sooooooo yum. So worth having some up tight macaron-crazed woman basically standing on top of me while I was waiting in line! Also had a vanilla one, left the satay flavour for another day!

New top I picked up on sale from Portmans. Flowy enough to disguise a post dinner belly he he.

Swing hoodie to wear to the gym from Susaans. I am really worried I am starting to like the basics from Susaans! 

Some pre-trip research! SO EXCITED! LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!


Made the biggest foolio of my self last night ahahaah! Completely missed a step in a dark club and went on a long and glorious fall to the floor ahhhhh man if it wasn't so funny at the time I would have died of embarrassment!

Also whilst getting my eyebrows waxed yesterday being reminded numerous times by the lady of how bad my skin is at the moment. I KNOW LADY! WAH!

School holidays are over. School zones and traffic back in my life for another term. Le sigh.

What are you all loving and loathing at the momento?!