Monday, April 4, 2011

Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe

I'm not picky when it comes to mascara, as long as it doesn't smudge or flake halfway down my face I'm a happy camper. I tend to buy a few of the same brand over and over before moving on to another and doing the same thing!

Cover Girls' Lash Blast mascara generally gets good reviews in blogging circles and seeing as it can often be picked up around the $15 mark on sale it is a a good staple.

 Having been through a few Lash Blast's I thought I would mix it up a little when I saw Cover Girl's Lash Blast Luxe at Priceline. The colour I brought is called Black Platinum.

Cover Girl says :-
The blackest black LashBlast formula, now tinted with Luxe shimmers. The giant Luxe brush helps blast lashes to their biggest, boldest, and most beautifully shimmering. In 4 shades, ready to match your every mood.

You better believe the promise of shimmering lashes sucked me in. Advertising, you have succeeded once again! 

The packaging is pretty standard, no surprises here.

 I like the type of wand that is used for Lash Blast, I find the silicone doesn't get as clumpy and separates better. 

This product delivered what I have come to expect from Lash Blast being thick, separated lashes. But did they shimmy shimmy shimmer? I'm afraid to say I couldn't notice any shimmer at all! 

I've since noticed that this product comes in a few different shades like Black Emerald which supposedly gives a hint of green shimmer and I guess this would be more noticeable, but I didn't see these is stock when I brought this.

Overall a good mascara and I didn't loose out by purchasing a different variation, and will probably try a different shade next time. 


  1. Oh, I probably would've been sucked in by that too, I want me some shiny lashes!

  2. Mmm might try one of these next time, I did love my lashblast volume :)

  3. I want shimmery lashes. The Black Emerald sounds nice - might give that one a go :)

  4. ooh emerald shimmer sounds awesome! I wonder if it would go with any eyeshadow though, or just green shades?
    I think that tube is weird! I like it,it's a chubby one hehe. And I think the covergirl little silver logos look like roses =)

    xx emmabovary

  5. Pop! - Glad i'm not the only sucker!

    Jade- Can't go wrong with lashblast!

    Melinda- Yes I wish I had Black Emerald!

    Emma- I think it would look great for a night time look! It's a very fat tube indeed :)

  6. Thanks for the review, it sounds fantastic!

    I love Maybelline Full and Soft and Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascaras as well, they are fantastic! :)

    The Cat Hag


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