Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bad Skin Month

I do apologise for my lack of posts lately! As the title of this post would suggest, I have been having a total bad skin month ( well more than a month now I think about it). Due to my current despair over my terrible skin I haven't been too interested in my beauty routine and haven't really tried any new products to review for ya'll. 

It all started with an annoying and stubborn dry patch on the left side of my forehead. No amount of exfoliating, moisturising, face masks etc would see it vacate the premises. 

I had area about the oil cleansing method online and decided to give it a go. If you haven't heard of the oil cleansing method, it is basically a form of facial cleansing using oils which in theory will dissolve hardened impurities in your pores without stripping your face of it's natural oils.  So off I went, all enthusiastic and brought some castor and grapeseed oil to give this method a try. 

At first I LOVED it. My face felt really soft , clean and moisturised! Sure it took longer, but it seemed worth the effort. After a few days that dry patch was gone....... and a few days after that all hell broke loose. 

Long story short, I ended up with an entire forehead of bumps, have had pimples coming up on one side of my jaw and a few on my cheeks, terrible congestion, which has left me with quite a bit of pigmentation. 

I gave up on the OCM after about two weeks of persistence in the hopes it would all pay off as I had read great things about it. My forehead has settled down significantly but is still a terrible sight, as its my jaw which I have never had problems with. 

To sum up my feelings towards my skin at the moment....

But hey, I don't know why I should worry so much. I mean it's not like my face is the first thing people who talk to me notice of anything, RIGHT, RIGHT?!?

Does anyone else find that when they read about some sort of miracle/rave product , they are the only person who it DOESN'T work for? Story of my life!

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