Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leopard Spots

So apart from my Pistols, I haven't bought any other clothing or shoes so far this year. I haven't even been making a conscientiousness effort, more so that with the unpredictable weather I have simply given up on trying to put together any new outfits. 

As summer officially comes to a end very soon, for the first time I can actually recall I am looking forward to   building up a winter wardrobe. I usually hate winter dressing with conundrums as to exactly which jacket I can find to keep me warm yet not clash tremendously with my outfit when going out on the weekend. 

I am seeing a lot of neutral colours in the shops which I am loving, but I have seen a lot of outfit inspiration by way of leopard print flats so when I saw these simple round toed babies in Witchery, I couldn't purchase them quick enough.

Witchery Angel Flats $149.95

They are leather lined with a leather sole - remember it is all about quality!

I also bought this oversized knit which I can't find on the Witchery website so please make do with this Instagram picture! Super comfy and cosy! I tried it on paired with my (fake) leather pants and pistols and I was very happy with the results! 

So many things I wanted in Witchery actually......must continue to practice restraint. 

Do you prefer a summer or winter wardrobe? I have to say I prefer summer as there is usually let ironing involved not to mention no stockings which personally drive me mad!


  1. I prefer winter! i love to layer layer layer. and if you're hot you can take layers off. in summer, you can't do this.

    i'm so looking forward to winter this year! me and my non pistols will be old pals by then and i'm sure i'll wear them everyday!

  2. I love winter outfits! I usually live in a massive jumper, leather pants and ankle boots, so I absolutely love what you're wearing (and think I may have to get that Witchery jumper for myself...) xx

  3. Wahhh what have you done? I walk past the Witchery concession every day at work and do my best to ignore it, and after reading this post I'm browsing the website and dying over how perfect all of the knits are!!! So out of my price range. Maybe I'll have to make an exception?! Those flats are perfection too! God I love winter. However I'm sitting here in 30 degree sweat-inducing hideousness and cannot even imagine wearing a sweater. Ahhh bring on the cold weather I say! That jumper looks great on you and love it with the leather pants and pistols. x

  4. I LOVE those Witchery flats SO much. I bet they're sold out now... should go and have a peek!


  5. i'm going to miss winter! I've just moved to Darwin from Melbourne - and it's a big change! No more big oversized chunky knits for me! However the flats could well be an option!

  6. LOVE leopard print :) There's an award waiting for you on my blog. Click here for info :) x

  7. Love the flats, I've never actually shopped in Witchery!


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