Friday, June 24, 2011

Byron Eats

Thought I would do a quick post of some of the places we ate at in Byron Bay. Crappy iPhone pics ahead ya'll! Still haven't worked around the embarrassment of taking proper photos ha ha. 

Popped in here for a cocktail after we got some Thai for dinner at the near by Asian Joe's.

I had a lychee caprioska ( I am a total caprioska/ mojito fiend) which was soooo yum but I had to palm the rest off to T as I was driving. BOOOoOoO, but on the other hand road safety comes first people!

We got a cheese platter which came with the most crisp green pear in the whole world. All pears should be crisp, not soft! The fig bread and quince paste was delcious too.

T got some sort of Kiwi cocktail which I sipped a bit of and it was so great. When we went back the next day I decided to order one. It was good until I realised that the frothy white stuff was egg white and I couldn't drink it anymore. Does anyone else get freaked out by raw egg whites? Wrong wrong wrong!

We also hit up a dip plate which featured a yum beetroot dip and a hummus that could only be described as 'meh'.

We seriously ate so much the day that we went to St Elmo's so we weren't even going to get dinner. That was until we remember our lives basically revolve around eating so we went out anyway haha!

So glad we did! I ordered a jamon plate with pickled vegetables. I love jamon and I really loved this jamon in particular. On top of some crusty bread with pickles, it was lovely indeed.

I have a pretty big statement to make. The cocktail I ordered was THE BEST OF MY LIFE! It was called a 'Vanilla Peach Mule' , made with vanilla infused vodka, white peach puree, lime and ginger beer. So very good. I was quite sad indeed that I could only have one.  

T ordered Roast dry-aged Angus rib eye, slow cooked onion, silverbeet, parsley and garlic. He reports it was  amazing. I concur from the bits I tried. T gets his meat done rare which I normally can't handle, but the fact I keep nibbling on some of this was testament to how good it was. 

We ate at a bunch of other places but I'm sorry to sad I didn't take any more photos!

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