Monday, June 27, 2011

Current Obsession

Ecoya candle in French Pear. Smells absoluuuuuutely divine. 

Thought process went like this: Dear God and all things good in the world, this candle smells amazing. I must have this candle. Oh yes, this candle will be mine. THIS CANDLE IS $38?!?!?! Really? REALLY?! But it smells good. I will soooo still get it due to its intoxicating goodness. And when I get home and light it and let it's scent fill my room I will be happy, until I catch a glimpse of the price sticker  on it and begin to weep........

I need help. Or more of these candles. Either will do. 

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  1. Just replace the sticker with another cheaper one :D haha. I hate how much these candles are but they last and smell amazing. Well worth it.


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