Monday, December 19, 2011

The Dress Saga- Update!

Thank you for all your encouraging comments on my last post, it only confirmed what I already knew - the dress must be mine!

Never underestimate the power of Twitter people. After blogging about my dress woes for all to see, the lovely M of She Wore It Well alerted me to the fact that the dress was selling on the Westfields website for only $99.00!

Come to mama! 

 Considering it was originally going for $399.00 this is AMAZING! First thing I did this morning was roll out of bed and purchase it and it will be with me in 3-5 working days, yipee!

It's been a while since I've gotten a bargain, I am very pleased indeed. 

Has anyone else got any bargains to report? Do share! 



  1. Sweet! I love social media like that, everyone has eyes everywhere!

    Fabulous dress xx

  2. So brilliant! What a find! This was clearly meant to be.

  3. Oh clearly I'm a little slow and you DID buy the dress! Yay! xxx

  4. What a bargain, that's great! :)

  5. Amazing bargain!

  6. Yayyyy you got it! It looks amazing on you, can't wait to see an outfit post when you get it! x

  7. Yay what a bargain! It looked gorgeous on you, so glad you got it and for an awesome price too, what a steal! xx


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