Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Dress Saga

I went to do some Christmas shopping with T today when I spotted a gorgeous dress in David Jones that I thought might be nice for New Years Eve. I decided to try it on as it would only take a minute..... OR SO I THOUGHT.

Because the material didn't stretch and it was covered in sequins it was a little challenging to put on , especially as I went a size down because dresses tend to be a little loose in the chest area for me ( WAH!).  Once I had it on I thought it looked quite nice if not a little tight and lumpy around my butt.

I love the back too, very pretty.

Then I tried to take it off. Hmmm. Getting it back up over my butt was one thing, but for the life of me I couldn't get it over my arms/shoulder/head.

My thought proces went a little like this:-

  1. Denial - This dress can't possibly be stuck, I just need to keep wiggling.
  2. Acceptance - OK it's stuck. I'm stuck in this dress.
  4. Fear- What if I am stuck in this dress forever? I'm going to have to wear it to work everyday. I'm going to be the girl who wears sequins during the day. GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!
In the end I got permission of the girl at DJ's ( who no doubt thought I had problems ) for T to come in help me wrangle this dress off. After much effort I was finally free, but I'm pretty sure I lost half my skin and hair to sequins in the process.

Long story short, I should have tried the next size up instead of fleeing in my frazzled state. Now I can't stop thinking about it! It was on sale from $399.00 down to $199.00 but of course my size is sold out on the Thurley website! The worst part is I know they had the next size up in store .....grrrr.

So opinions please, should I continue on a mission to find and obtain the dress that nearly destroyed me today?! And if I did get it, what accessories would be appropriate?


  1. Oh wow! I have a sequined dress too that I ADORE. I never wear it though because I always get stuck in it too!!! It's not even too small, it's just that the sequins are not a very stretchy fabric to work with!!

    I did giggle a bit at your thought process!! I think if you can't stop thinking about it you should get it!! That is my general rule!

  2. LOL at your struggle. Run back and get the next size up (fix the lumpy bum problem too). Dress looks lovely on you! Not to mention, baaaargain. As for accessories, none required - killer pair of nude pumps, maybe? Not black, too harsh imo.

  3. The dress is stunning you must continue on your mission to find the right size!

  4. GET IT!

    It's amazing and if you can't stop thinking about it.... it's a sign...

    I want to see a tweet tomorrow saying it's in your hot little hands!


  5. Go and get it!!! It's great and you don't really need any accessories to go with it! xx

  6. Get the dress! It looks gorgeous!

  7. It looks gorgeous so I would definitely say you should try to get it. :)

  8. Haha! Loving your thought process, but glad you finally managed to get it off. I fell in love with this dress when I saw it on Instagram yesterday. It's beautiful and there is no such thing as too much sparkle (OK, there probably is, but this dress is AMAZING). Buy it fo sho. xxx

  9. LOOOOLLLL oh dear I have had that can't-get-the-dress off experience so many times it's just embarrassing!!! You look really stunning in it though, so I hope you're getting it. Do you find the sequins annoying and scratchy though when you're putting it on? I had that problem with my sequin dress today.. It's not a huge drama but pain-free dresses are always better in my opinion.

    Also, re: accessories I wouldn't wear any! They would be completely overshadowed by the dress anyway. But I think a cuff of some sort if you really can't go without jewelry.


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