Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Dreaming

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I certainly did, plenty of time spent with family and an abundance of food made me one very happy girl. My only question is, when will the increased intake of food ever stop?!

Like a lot of other people I take this time of the year to reflect on 2011 and think about what direction I want my life to take in 2012. 

All up 2011 was a good year for me. Highlights include:-

Heading to New York City for an adventure which was a life long dream of mine. 

Learning how to manage my finances and plan ahead which meant I was able to save for the above trip in a matter of month and wasn't left scrambling to pay big ticket bills like car insurance.

Bettering the relationship I have with my boyfriend T. After 6 and a half years I feel like we are better than ever. Spending a long weekend together in Byron Bay was one of the best parts of my year!

Slowly coming to terms with the fact that my life cannot be measured against others - everyone has a different path.

Now as we come into 2012 I have thought of a few things I would like to aspire towards including:-

  • Continuing to work on my savings for some long term goals including a home deposit amongst other things. A mini goal here is to also be able to save for a small overseas trip.
  • Work on the way I interact with my family/siblings as I am very quick to respond in a negative manner which I don't do with any other people in my life! I am disappointed that I still do this and I really want to change this about myself. 
  • Apply myself to my studies and strive to do very well rather than strive to get an assignment in on time!
  • Possibly the most confronting for me......... leave my comfortable job with a great employer for something more challenging?!
  • Depending on how the year turns out - look at moving out of home!
That is about it for me at the moment, but I would love to hear about any goals/ aspirations/ resolutions/ dreams that you are hoping to strive towards in the New Year?


  1. Great goals! My goals for 2012 are all pretty boring and predictable - save more, spend less and eat more greens! I am REALLY excited about all the travelling I'll be doing next year. I know uni will be absolutely hectic, but I can't wait to visit/travel around America and realise that there's more to life than uni assignments xxx

  2. DUDE. I am exactly the same with my family. I am so rude to them and moody with them a lot of the time and I dont know why? I sometimes think its to do with wanting to move out and being stuck with them can be frustrating? They still dont deserve it though. Hmm. Anyway, here's to the #yearofthetightass! haha x


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