Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Empties

In the spirit of attempting to use up my hoard of products I am pleased to say I finished up a few things last month!

Nivea Intense Moisturising Lotion - a good every day lotion that I have repurchased many times.
KMS Add Volume Root and Body Lift, gave a little lift but nothing special.

L'Oreal Rejuvintating Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate - something I was sent to review by Primped. Don't have any wrinkles but I used it around my eyes so my makeup would go on smoother.

Clairns HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase -must have received this as part of a GWP. Added moisture to my skin and now I'm thinking I'd like to add a serum to my skincare routine.

Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel - smells so yum! Will get this again along the line.

Bastise Dry Shampoo -standard.

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream- my go to hair treatment when my hair has had enough!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer -my all time favourite matte bronzer. I dropped this baby, it shattered and the lid eventually broke but I still used it to the very end. Will be getting this again for sore. Now that I think about it this is probably the first powder product I have ever finished!

Now to see what I can get through in March! Body/skincare/haircare products are easy to use up, but I find makeup is a lot harder.

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