Sunday, March 20, 2011

Illuminate Me

I spent yesterday morning finally getting around to one of the most arduous tasks I can think of, cleaning and sorting out all my makeup. By no means do I have nearly as much as some beauty babes , but once I see how much of it I never use I can visualise dollar signs going down the drain which is why I try avoid organising it all at all costs!

The one good thing that came about from all this was that I rediscovered a product that I do love but has gone forgotten for too long!

NARS Albatross is a gorgeous highlighting powder and like all the NARS powders I own, it is to die for! Although it looks scarily white in the pan, once applied it has a gorgeous golden glow which really seems to make my skin light up.

Combined with MAC's Strobe cream mixed into my foundation,  I went to a party last night feeling like the epitome of radiance! Seeing as my skin has sadly been very dull lately it was a much needed boost.

I thought I would share a picture and although it's not a close up I think my skin looks pretty glowy!

Me with my gorgeous friend T.
NARS Albatross is a definite winner and a nice change from MAC's Soft and Gentle mineralise skin finish which I have been using lately. I find that Albatross is milled a lot finer, is less glittery and more glowy.

I'd love to know which illuminating/highlighting products you swear by?


  1. You look so pretty and I love your outfit! x

  2. Gorgeous photo of you both! Very glowy :D

    I've got Albatross though I rarely use it on myself, it's too yellow for me (I'm quite pink) - but on fair or olive-toned clients it looks great!

    My favourite highlighters are probably Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Creme in Ice Gold, and Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne :D

  3. You look soososososossosoooo beautiful.
    I don't even have a highlighter at the moment... :/ I am so lame haahhaaaa

    I just use my Stila and MAC bronzers hahaahaa

  4. I think you look gorgeous and glowy <3 I'm a Dior Amber Diamond gal ;)

  5. Bee- Thankyou! I'm wearing my favourite blazer ever!

    Chanel- Are you a makeup artist?!? I'll have to look up those highlighters!

    BU- Why thank you lady! Oh yeah you're soooOoOo lame pffft ;) Nothing wrong with bronzers!

    Jade- Glowy is good!Oh thats right I remember you made me lust over your Dior when you posted about it!


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