Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hair Lovin'

Though I am convinced I will never be happy with the state/colour/style of my hair I do have a few products in rotation at the moment that are helping ease my eternal pain (ha!). 

Tigi Bed Head- Spoil Me ( Defrizzer, Smoother and Instant Restyler).

I used to buy a lot of Tigi products when I was in my teens, I think the packaging sucked me in every time. Some were hit and miss and this was long forgotten at the back of the bathroom cupboard. When some pretty horrific humidity in Sydney hit recently I was searching for something so keep the frizz at bay and rediscovered this. Great for smoothing down a blowdry or once you have straightened your hair. The description suggests that you use it as a second day restyler but as my hair is on the oily side I basically wash it everyday!

Moroccan Oil

Like what seems to be half the world's population, I run some Moroccan Oil through my hair to keep it smooth whether I am blow drying it or letting it dry naturally. Wonderful for shine and adding softness to the hair. As you can see I dropped mine and smashed the lip which is annoying as this lasts forever and I now can't travel with it!

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Dust It ( Mattifying powder)

A long time ago a hairdresser put me onto this product. I'm not the kind who is easily sucked in to buying products at a salon but I'd never seen anything like this before and the effect was amazing. It is a small bottle of white powder which gives amazing texture, volume and lift. You know when you mess your hair up with your fingers a little to freshen it up only to have it fall back down? Well use this baby and you'll be rocking that second day hair look like there is no tomorrow. I use this to add volume to my roots and fringe when I am wearing my hair out. If you are shine addict beware that this will mattify the hair like the name suggests but the effects are totally worth it. 

Although small the bottle lasts forever as you don't need much, and you'll be amazed how high you can get you hair to sit with just a sprinkle or this powder!


  1. I have to try that Osis+ - it's been on my list for ages!

  2. Been wanting to try the Osis+ dust as well!! Will have to put that on my list.

  3. I'm itching to try Moroccan Oil (I can't believe I haven't tried it!) and I LOVE Bed Head products - they always smell so incredible! :)

  4. dempsss01- You should give it a go, not something you'd use every day but very handy on flat hair days.

    hipnhaute- Try it try it :D

    Corinne- Give the Moroccan Oil a go, it seems to work for everyone. Oh yes they do smell divine and this is no exception!

  5. I was recently sucked into (thank you advertising) buying the Kerastase Elixir Ultime instead of repurchasing my Moroccan Oil; I think you'd like it - smells amazing and the packaging is incredibly cute.

    I wanted to try that Osis+ but I worry it'd make my hair grey... I have dark brown now; would you recommend??

    As always; I love this post- I am glad you've moved over from Tumblr too so I can comment :)

  6. Might look into the Kerastase when I get thorough to MO!

    You only need a tiny tiny bit of the Osis and you don't get that grey cast like you do with dry shampoo. I've used it when my hair was pretty dark without a problem :D

  7. Texture+Volume+Lift+Matt? I need that product, nowwww! to find stockists :)

    PS. Like your new look blog x

  8. Gillian! I'm not sure how I missed your blog and why I didn't have it on my list but hello! :)

    I've been dying to try MoroccanOil but haven't gotten the chance yet!

  9. Genevieve- I think you'll love it! It will last ageeeeess.

    Emily- I jumped on the Moroccan Oil bandwagon after I saw everyone else had it!

  10. I'm totally lemming after moroccan oil. Worth the money you think?

  11. Amanda- Didn't really rate paying around $50 for it, but I was caught up in the hype! I would probably purchase a cheaper brand next time around.


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