Thursday, March 17, 2011

Makeup Staple

The end of summer has come and gone and with cooler weather on the way I am more inclined to get back into wearing my red lipsticks rather than a slick of gloss. 

With red lips comes high maintenance to make sure you are still looking smoking hot all night long baby! 

Apart from the usual light exfoliation of the lips and making sure they are well moisturised before applying lippie, a lot of people turn to a lip liner that is similar in colour to your lipstick to define the lips and help stop the colour from bleeding out or feathering. Now this works well for most beauty babes but I am one who lives in fear of my lipstick wearing off leaving a ghastly lip liner outline!

Last year I found an awesome product that is now a staple in my makeup kit. Introducing DuWop's Reverse Lip Liner!

Reverse Lipliner is a colourless matte liner that can be used to shape the lips and stop colour bleeding. Being colourless this is suitable to use with all your lipsticks meaning you won't have to buy so many different colour liners!

It goes on very smooth without tugging the skin as you draw it on and leaves no noticeable outline. 

While being a lot thicker in size than most liners I have not had any problems with application. Added bonus: It actually works! Using this together with a lip brush to apply lipstick I get precise application that I can be proud of ;)

If you are finding it hard to find a suitable liner to match your lipstick I suggest you give this a try.

You can pick this product up from Mecca Cosmetica. From memory it cost around the $30 mark and was packaged with a sharpener which was handy.


  1. This product looks interesting! I will build up the confidence to rock a red lip this season!

    New giveaway just put up on my blog

  2. Awesome!!
    I'm going to get me some of this so I can have va va vooooooooom lipstick lips!!

  3. maybe i need to get this? i definitely need a liner of some sort.

  4. Superficial Sydney: Once you rock the red lip you don't go back!

    Merowyn: If you find it on Ebay for less $$ I must know so I never pay retail again ;D

    Hollypop: If you need a liner get this, even if you don't use it for lining it is still good for going over the lips before putting on any lipstick.

  5. This is COOL! Thanks for sharing this Gill :)

    I needed this, I hate the tugging and the line :/

  6. Good blog: You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned:)


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