Monday, July 25, 2011


I have a serious problem, an addiction that has followed me for many years, one that I have never been able to shake......


This was reinforced when I was lying in bed with T on the weekend flicking through the channels while he was trying to find the DVD remote. What did I stumble upon? Oh only one of the best movies of all time.....


The side-eye I gave T when he went to change the channel was enough for him to know not to even argue. Ahhhhh Nic Cage, I don't know what it is about you, your not at all attractive to me but if Con Air or The Rock is on them I'm all over you!

Next up, a big slice of BRUCE WILLIS PLEASE!


Give me Die Hard, doesn't matter which one. The more ridiculous the story line, the better I say! I just read that Die Hard 5 is in production, excuse me while I die and go to heaven.

And what about Armageddon? You've got action, you've got an end of the world plot, you've got perfection. It also reminds me of my second lamest ( and favourite ) joke. Armageddon? More like ARMA GEDDIN OUTTA HERE! Boom tish!

Until recently Bruce was my ultimate favourite action guy but I'm sorry to say that this is no more....Liam Neeson is on the rise ha ha. Have you seen Taken?!

Are there any films so terrible you just know it is wrong to love them, but you can't help it? Make me feel less lame PLEASE!

90's action movies are seriously awesome, but I think I better post about my all time favourite type of movie next.........


  1. I am SO with you on the Nic Cage in Con Air deal! I think it's the charming tough man who looks after his own attitude that just makes me swoon. I am so glad I am not alone on this haha.

    Can't say I agree on the Bruce front. Actually, I hated Die Hard. Armageddon was all about Ben Affleck for me :D

    I didn't get the Taken hype. ?? It was ok, but it just got a bit like 'Oh how appropriate that he did that, or knows this ..." etc.

    I have a whole bunch of DVDs in my collection which I would be too embarrassed to say I own. Although mine consist mainly of comedies. Anything Brendan Fraser I own oh and the one that gets the most comments: Cry Baby (what can I say, I have been a Johnny Depp fan my whole life). haha

  2. You had me at 'liam neeson'... from the moment he played Quai Gon Jin I was goooooooone *swoon*. Taken is so good! I watched one of his recent flicks 'Unknown' a couple of weeks ago, its really good too. He can kick some serious ass.

  3. Anide- Gotta love me a tough man! Ha ha Brendan Fraser, is this a bad time to admit I used to love GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE!?!? Now that is a terrible movie. In my defence I was a kid at the time ;)

    I loved Taken but at the end when his daughter has basically be riddled with drugs/abducted and her friend is left dead god knows where, she is back to her cheery old self hahah.

    Kirryn- Oh I watched Unknown the other week to! It reinforced my love for him. Don't mess with Liam Neeson!


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