Monday, July 25, 2011

Kosmea Rose Hip Oil

Thought I would write up a quick review of Kosmea's Rose Hip Oil as I have been using it for a while now. 

I first read about RHO a few years ago now, probably something that Zoe Foster had written, touted as the secret for soft, glowing and hydrated skin. I have read that many people get fantastic results using RHO but I have to say that like most things that seem to work miracles for others ( asprin masks, microfibre clothes, Dermalogica , basically everything!), this works just OK for me. 

It seems that some weeks I can use this without experiencing breakouts, whilst other weeks causes a disaster zone! I have taken to using a small amount mainly around my eye area and tops of my cheeks which don't seem to be as sensitive as my forehead and jaw. 

What I do like about it is that is does give a soft feel to the skin, and it does give a boost of moisture especially in winter when it can feel like a lotion is not enough. 

RHO does have a peculiar smell but I am pleased to say that this brand in particular is not as noticeable as the Triology RHO I have also tried. 

It comes is a small bottle with a dropper so it doesn't get too messy. 

Overall, I could probably live without this product, as I said it doesn't always agree with me, but it is definitely reached for when my skin needs a bit of a boost.

Have you tried RHO? Did it work for you? Have you had success with a miracle product?!

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