Friday, July 29, 2011

Write it Up

I first discovered Typo while on a blogger meet last year. I was oblivious to the fact it even existed.

My how times have changed. I can't even type Typo without experiencing the desire to purchase stationary that I will likely never use.

Whilst looking for a travel wallet the other day I saw this super cute notebook. Is this not the perfect travel journal for my upcoming trip?

I want to do quite a bit of writing when I am away so I have a great read to look back on in the years to come.

Now to keep searching for the ever elusive non-ugly and at least slightly practical travel wallet. 

Suggestions welcome!

Have you ever kept a travel journal?


  1. I have never kept a travel journal - but as soon as I came back from my Japan trip last year I did a blog post on each day which I now love looking back over. It also really helped me when I was putting together my photo album of the trip months later.

  2. I have NEVER been to typo!!!!!!!! I must, must gooooooooooooo!!!!

  3. I've never kept a travel journal (never really travelled anywhere interesting!) but gosh that notebook is adorable. Almost too cute to actually use hehe.

  4. I took a travel journal to the USA and never ever cracked it open! i had notes on what to do in each city in it and everything and didnt even open in. which is pretty sad. i ended up writing everything down when i got home though. and i LOVE typo, i need to go in there to get a travel mug! haha

  5. Ah, thanks for reminding me I failed horribly at keeping a travel journal in Europe. I think I managed to write about 3 weeks of my 11 week trip. So wish I did though! Cannot remember all the fun things we did and people I met :( you should most definitely do it! x

    Also, I need to get that NY notebook ASAP. Adorable.


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