Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ups and Downs


Sooooo delicious yum yum yum! Much better than the tequila shots I went on to consume later last night! Honestly tequila is the W.O.R.S.T! Had a great girls night out last night, nothing beats pre-drinks and awesome music. Totally brought out my inner rapper.

Took myself and my hangover to get a Caramelised Palm Sugar Macaron. Sooooooo yum. So worth having some up tight macaron-crazed woman basically standing on top of me while I was waiting in line! Also had a vanilla one, left the satay flavour for another day!

New top I picked up on sale from Portmans. Flowy enough to disguise a post dinner belly he he.

Swing hoodie to wear to the gym from Susaans. I am really worried I am starting to like the basics from Susaans! 

Some pre-trip research! SO EXCITED! LESS THAN TWO MONTHS!


Made the biggest foolio of my self last night ahahaah! Completely missed a step in a dark club and went on a long and glorious fall to the floor ahhhhh man if it wasn't so funny at the time I would have died of embarrassment!

Also whilst getting my eyebrows waxed yesterday being reminded numerous times by the lady of how bad my skin is at the moment. I KNOW LADY! WAH!

School holidays are over. School zones and traffic back in my life for another term. Le sigh.

What are you all loving and loathing at the momento?!


  1. Ha, I wonder if we go to the same eyebrow woman! Mine is CONSTANTLY telling me how dry my skin is and asking me what products I use (before trying to sell me her entire product line), and it drives me NUTS!

    Things I'm loving:

    - Oh, so much! New projects! Big meetings! Unexpected lunch dates and mid-week whimsy! Warm scarves and liquid blush!

    Things I'm loathing:

    - Buses that don't see you standing in the darkness at night and zoom straight past you. WAH!

  2. Yay for macroons and lonely planet guides! i bought the same one when i went to NY... and didnt crack it open once! hahaha. hopeless.

  3. Corinne- I shut down the possibility of buying any products from the outset! Ergh, don't get me started on buses!

    TeacupGrunge- I'm hoping due to it's size I can carry it with me and use it if I get stuck for a place to go :)


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