Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ultra 3 Wild Berry Polish

I finally brought my first Ultra 3 nail polishes! The colours all look great and I've been told the quality is good too. They are so cheap, I paid $2.95 at Terry White Chemist. I haven't let myself buy any nail polishes for months so it was about time!

Ultra 3 Wild Berry
I really like this colour, though it doesn't exactly remind me of wild berries! These were taken with my iPhone in the afternoon so the colour isn't exactly true to life. 

I painted two coats and the colour and finish was flawless. I then decided to use an Essie top coat and as you can see it ruined it with bubbles! Argh! Have to say I have not been impressed with the performance of Essie nail polishes in general and will be giving them a miss from now on. 

Here are some pictures I took whilst bored out of my mind in Bunnings. I'll give it to them though, they do have great lighting. Too bad going there bores me out of my brain, and sosososososoooooooo much walking wah!

My cuticles are a hot mess. They have been neglected of late, for shame. 

I love this colour, I loved the ease of application! I see more Ultra 3 coming into my life in the near future. 

Do you like Ultra 3?


  1. OooOOOoooo I likey!! And so cheap cheap cheap!!!

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  3. I looooooove ulta3 nail polishes and own almost 2 full shoeboxes of them. They're amazing and oh so cheap!

    ps. they used to be $2 :( lol stil cheap though


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