Friday, November 18, 2011

Espresso Espresso

Finally visited a little gem of a cafe before work yesterday called Circa Espresso in Parramatta.

I had heard and read good things and seeing my Twitter gal Anita visited there confirmed it must be good!

Having worked in Parramatta for a number of years, I had given up hope of ever having a coffee that wasn't bitter, made with burnt milk, or resembling the contents of something squeezed out of a dirty mop.

This place is AMAZING.

First up, the coffee is good. Not the absolute best I've had but it's actually enjoyable to drink. Big tick! They also sell Little Marionette beans which is good to know, as I really enjoyed the coffee at Little Marionette in Balmain.

I had the French toast with rhubarb, labne, pistachios and cinnamon. It was so delicious and most importantly not too eggy (vom!).

It's a small place with a very laid back vibe, and wouldn't be out of place in a lane way in Melbourne. They make the food right along side the tables , you see it all. If you are ever in the area I encourage you to pop in!

Oh I should mention the prices are extremely reasonable.

Circa Espresso - 21 Wentworth St Parramatta NSW.

In other news, check out the chocolate counter at DJ's. I picked out a box as a gift and the longer I stood waiting for the lady to tie the ribbon, the more I wanted to jump the counter and gobble them up! I managed to resist. 


Have a good weekend all x


  1. That place sounds lovely!

    Well done for resisting DJ's - I don't think I'd be able to. YUM!!!

  2. I love finding a coffee shop that actually sells good coffee. That French toast looks so interesting but yum - I've never seen labne and rhubarb on French toast before.

    Ohhhhhh that chocolate counter..... excuse me while I stare and drool at my computer screen.


  3. Oh my God. Good luck with Peter Butt.
    That is actually the worst textbook I have ever read. He does not write topics in an order that is easy to understand, and he will write like half a chapter on something and then be like "Oh yeah, this law is completely irrelevant now".
    So much rage was had reading that book!

    But I can't believe the timing of my post! I wish it was a day earlier just so you could have saved some money!

    Anyway - finding a coffee place that actually sells good coffee is one of the greatest things in life!

  4. Amazing post, I want to visit this place. That coffee looks delicious even if it wasn't best. hehe, I love these photos and the food looks really yummy.

    Great blog, following you now

    I'm a stylist in San Francisco with a fashion blog if you have time to stop by

  5. Isn't it the cutest place?! I've only ever been a couple of times as it closes too early for me, but I love it!

  6. That french toast looks so yummy!

    I'm loving rhubarb lately. A few weeks ago I had apple and rhubarb crumble, was so delish.

  7. oh holy god google ate my comment and it was a good one too!!

    DAMN you google.


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