Thursday, November 10, 2011


So if you watched my November Goals video or follow me on Twitter you would probably know that I am currently participating in NoSugarVember. Yep, a challenge to cut out sugar for the month of November. If you are interested in learning more about the finer points pop over to Natalie Carter's blog and check out this post.

I thought I would do a post about my journey so far and a comparison of the changes I have made with my eating habits. 


THEN :- Toast with  butter and vegemite or avocado, two toasted sandwiches ( with plastic cheese, the horror), yoghurt with fruit and honey, left overs!

NOW:- Grilled bacon, avocado, tomatoes, lots of rocket, small amount of goats cheese fetta, youghurt with a low sugar fruit and cinnamon. Sometimes i will have a vegetable omelette if I am in the mood. 

Before Lunch:-

THEN:- A few coffees per week on skim milk, more than occasionally accompanied by a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and honey ( oh how I miss thee!). 

NOW:- A small handful of unsalted raw nuts. As much tea ( I don't like mine with milk/sugar) as I like. 


THEN:- Most of the time I would make salads to take to work, eat fruit or tuna with biscuits. Some days I wouldn't bring anything and would get Vietnamese salads or sushi.

NOW:- Two mountain bread wraps with a spread of ricotta, sliced cucumber, grape tomatoes, rocket and some protein like shredded chicken. 

Afternoon Snacks:-

THEN:- Any form of lolly I could find in the cupboard at work ( I slayed those Minties) or a low fat yoghurt from home. There is a RIDICULOUS amount of sugar in low-fat yoghurt. Carrot sticks, salted nuts.

NOW:- Small tub of natural yoghurt with half a pear. Another small amount of raw nuts. Carrot sticks. 


THEN:- Whatever we were having at home, or would make myself something to eat usually a salad or veggies with chicken etc etc. 

NOW:- Not much different, though I won't eat white rice or pasta with my meal. Instead I will have it with more veggies ( zucchini, broccoli, rocket being my favorites) or quinoa. 

What I have learnt:- 

Protein is key! I could eat enough salad to fill a swimming pool and will still be hungry 30 minutes later if I don't have some protein with my meal. 

I also don't actually miss sugar THAT much, I actually think about it less. I don't feel that I have had to sacrifice too much, and after this month's challenge is over I will let myself have a treat on special occasions. I wasn't drinking much soft drink before so not much has changed there. 

A sugar free diet isn't as boring as you think it would be. You can still enjoy two pieces of low sugar fruit a day. 

The hardest part:-

 Hidden sugar in sauces and condiments is something I need to remind myself to check for. 

Going to events like birthdays, parties etc is a challenge because that is when those little treats you never really get to have come out! No one likes passing up that kind of stuff, it's hard to resist.

Getting over the urge to get a coffee in the morning ( and sometimes a treat...). I don't dwell on it, just make a tea instead. Surprise surprise, life goes on without coffee! I am not a must-have-coffee-or-i'll-die type but I do enjoy it and this is the longest I've gone without any in a while. 

My tips:-


I like to do a small shop on Sunday night to get some things together for the week. I just take it all to work and leave it in the fridge and put it together for lunch each day. So much easier then getting up a little earlier in the morning to make something. 

Drink lotsssssss of water and tea. I find a lot of the time this helps kill cravings and gets you through a little longer to the next meal.

Use lots of herbs and spices to make your meals interesting. Nothing like some basil with tomatoes and avocado with breakfast, makes me feel like I could be ordering out at a cafe!

And now for the BEST PART EVER.

Since starting this challenge my stomach has been FLAT. HALLELUJAH! Since taking refined carbs out of my diet  ( white bread, pasta and rice) I have lost that bloated look and I am loving it sick.

ETA: I feel like I have lost a little weight, but I haven't weighed myself consistently as that hasn't been my focus. 

I also feel a little less sluggish, but my energy levels have not improved noticeably. Sleep and low iron is probably to blame for that. 

Well that was a bit of a long post, but I hope you found it interesting. If you've got any tips to share please do!

I'll do a quick update at the end of the month to let you know what a month without sugar feels like. 


  1. Interesting!!! I'll have to look up what fruit is low sugar. I so badly wish I had a fridge at work, it frustrates me that I can't bring salad to eat for lunch and I end up buying it instead :( so fascinating though and I really want to try it!

  2. Ooh I love this post! I find this kind of stuff so fascinating. It sounds like you're going really well, and it's great to hear that you're seeing results :)

    Although I haven't completely cut out sugar, I've made a real effort to cut down. The biggest things I find are when I reduce the amount of sugar I eat is that my mood becomes more stable and I'm soooo much less bloaty.

    Protein and preparation are definitely the key! Keep up the amazing work xxx

  3. Well done! I can't wait for the end of the month update!

    I can go without lollies, but I love making sweets, so not sure how I'd go with this.

  4. Love this post! I'm the same as Jane, I havent it it out fully- just eat a hellas lot less! How good is a flat stomach?! :) protein is the bomb! :) this has really taught mw to eat less and really think if I'm thirsty or hungry and often a cup of tea can tide me over!

  5. Great tips! I've been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember and I've started to be more careful with what I eat recently. However, it's still a problem for me because I have classes throughout the whole day and don't have time to cook for myself so I always end up eating something with fat/sugar. Ohh, and I agree with the protein part. My favorite dinner is salad with a little bit of chicken or turkey. :)

  6. Kirryn- That sucks that you don't have a fridge, perhaps invest in a really good insulated cooler bag?

    Jane- Thanks, I'll do my best to keep it up!

    Jelena- I'll definitely update at the end of the month!

    Ali- Yep, it's funny how feeling hungry and thirsty can combine into one big confusing mess!

    Sandra- I agree, it's hard to be prepared when you are out all day at class, I have the same problems when I have to go to my evening classes, I really have to think ahead and make sure I have something to fall back on.


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