Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beach Trip

Today I did one of my favourite things in the whole world, spent the day at the beach!

I love Freshwater Beach because it is not too hard to get to ( given I live out west!) , it's a beautiful place, it's not toooooo crowded and most importantly, you can actually find a parking space less than 6 suburbs away from the beach ha ha!

Beach trips call for bright nails and salt water friendly accessories!

I love this polish, it is Rimmel 'In Style Coral'. I brought it last summer, it was so cheap. I hope they still have the colour!

So this isn't one hundred percent compliant with 'NoSugarVember' but it was the best I could do. And I enjoyed every single bite. I've been going great, perhaps I should do a post on my sugarless journey as the month progresses. 

It was such a beautiful day, hot but not too hot, sunny, glorious!

There is something about the beach that completely recharges me , nothing beats getting out there in the waves and letting them wash away any worries or stresses. I know I feel completely zen floating on my back in the ocean.

I was appropriately covered in sunscreen at all times and had the hat and sunglasses going. I managed to avoid blinding the whole beach with my intense whiteness by hastily applying some fake tan on Friday night ha ha!

My hair goes so cray cray after a swim, dry and bleh! 

The best thing next to the beach, is coming home and having a cool shower to wash it all off!

Anyone else love the beach as much as me? Wish I could go more often, must try harder this summer!

Also, Sydneysider's hit me with your favourite local beaches please! I hear Balmoral is glorious!


  1. You look soo chic! :) I can't wait to hit the beach later this year too :)

  2. I miss summer so much, I wish I lived in Australia!

  3. I feel so un-Australian saying this but I hate the sand/sweat/crowds that come with a day at the beach. BUT I love nothing more than an early morning or evening trip to the beach for a quick swim, a walk and some breakfast or fish and chips. It's one of my favourite things to do.

    Freshie and Dee Why are my favourite Sydney beaches. Manly has a great touristy vibe about it. And I love Avoca on the Central Coast as well. xxx

  4. I love your nail polish! Gorgeous bracelets too.

    I love Freshwater beach, some of my family live right on the beach so many childhood summers were spent at that beach!

    Balmoral is definitely one of my fave beaches :) x

  5. That polish and bracelet combo screams summer!

    I love the beach but rarely go in Sydney cuz my girlfriends aren't beachy sorts. So all my holidays are planned around beaches in asia =) Just as well, getting burnt once a year more than makes up for it =)


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