Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Had a lovely weekend!

Friday night I headed to Rockpool Bar & Grill with my girlfriend for some after work drinks and a bite to eat! Wish I could share some photos but I am afraid it is way to dark in there to take sneaky iPhone pics. Flash is out of the question! Finally tried the wagyu burger , sOoOoOo good. Have to admit, that was the first of many NoSugarVember slip ups this weekend, whoops!

Up bright and early yesterday to do my personal training session, did some dead lifts and let me tell you my hamstrings are feeling it today! After the gym I did my usual volunteering gig.

Casual Saturday outfit!

Hard to see in this photo, but I love these Zara pants. Black coated jean type pants with gold zipper detail as pockets and at ankle!

Today I had to get out of bed way to early when T went to work. I had to get my car cleaned professionally after an unfortunate incident last week when a bottle of balsamic vinegar leaked all over my passenger seat :/ :/ You can imagine how lovely that smelt , especially on a hot day. 

While I was waiting I walked to the local homemaker centre , the shops weren't open yet so  got a coffee ( my first all month!).

And then I stumbled upon the most dangerous thing I could have possibly stumbled upon..... CANDLES!

Ahhhhh can't believe I have to admit that I am now ADDICTED to delicious candles. But would you look at these Glasshouse special edition Christmas candles?!

Must resist.....must resist.......Oh I've already swiped my card? Fail. Smells so good though, NO REGRETS!

I brought two of these super cute sets ( also Christmas edition) to give as gifts come Christmas. At $39.95 they are pretty good value considering Glasshouse prices! In a pretty box too :)

My nice and clean car, now lacking a balsamic glaze. 

Came home and decided I had to tackle my hot mess of a room. Not just a usual clean though, my once a year ' get rid of sentimental crap' and 'clothes that you NEVER wear' super clean. 

Now tell me, am I the only one who takes forever to clean their room? It seriously took me all day. I just can't help it, I have to go through EVERYTHING and take a long stroll down memory lane. 

Like my Year 7 diary.....

Ok, I'll admit I loved Beau Brady but I don't recall loving Malcolm in the Middle's big brother hahaha?! EWW.

Found a picture of me when I got my photos taken one day when I was doing work experience at Jackon's on George in the city ( what a seedy dive hahaha). The question was "What is your favourite thing about summer?" by the way! I was 15!

Finally sorted all my little photos out and put them in a photo album. Some great memories here, whether it be me and the girls skipping school to go to the shops, being under the influence of a lot of wine at an engagement party, or the really old ones I used to stick on my bus pass.

I threw away photos for the first time today. Ok, they were really bad ones of a girl I was friends with in Year 8 and zoo animals but seriously, I've never done that before. Progress!

De-cluttering feels so good!

Are you the type of person who can just throw old cards etc or are you like me and keep holding onto them?


  1. Sometimes I throw everything and sometimes I hoard crap loads I'd stuff, you've inspired me to clean my room now though :)

  2. I try to cull a few times a year, it's HARD!!

    Love the Dolly feature, you're so cute hahaahaha

    My diary was totally covered in the same sort of stuff old school diaries are hilarious.


  3. Love your de-cluttering! I hate clutter and often get way too zealous with my de-cluttering.

    If you don't mind me asking - what sort of volunteering do you do? I am wanting to do something and would love some ideas.

  4. Meg- Don't mind you asking at all! I volunteer with SAIL ( who provide free English support to the Sudanese refugee community.

    It works well for me because it's run on Saturdays ( I work full time Mon-Fri) and at the moment I work with a 12 year old girl, who is a complete character!

    I know they have campuses in Melbourne if you are interested :) Hope you find something that suits you!

  5. I love your Zara pants! I love anything with zips.

    Naw how cute are you in that mag clipping!

    I cull pretty regularly but I can't let go of sentimental things!


  6. I have trouble throwing away stuff too...I have way too many clothes. Planning on doing a cleaan out this week! haha. I love candles too... Yankee Candles are amazing. My ex used to get them for me from the US. The butter cream pie? I think it is, actually makes your hungry. If you find them in Australia 100% buy them. They're amazing.

  7. Hi Gillian! Thanks so much for your comments on my blog recently. It's good to know that someone can sympathise with my pants issues, ha!

    Did you eat at the bar at Rockpool b&G or in the restaurant? We've been to the restaurant a few times but have yet to go to the bar, i've heard it's amazing too... I'm loving that striped top also.

    Jackson's on George! What a spin! I think i've only been there once as a very young 18 yo. but oh that brings back late ninety's memories!

    I just had to do a massive sentimental cull. My mum is moving houses and has been storing stuff for me since i moved out six years ago! there was high school notes galore in there. I went through them and picked my favourites and chucked the rest. Hard but brutal!

    following now too

    bf x

  8. Emma- Butter cream? EEK that sounds SO good! I'm going to search for it :)

    Ballet Flats- Thanks for following!

    I've eaten in the restaurant a few times, most recently a few weeks ago. Love the food, so yum!

    I've culled my high school notes down to a fine selection, love reading them as they make me laugh so much.

  9. I'm cleaning my room at the moment!! Finally on holidays, and my post exam room looks is soo messy! It does take forever to clean my room so I make small goals such as putting all my clothes away, or tidying my bedside table :) I used to cover my diary with all those girlfriend & dolly hotties too...haha! x

  10. I love your shoes!
    And I had that exact same sticker of Beau Brady stuck on my wallet when I was 12 or 13. I thought him and Chris Egan (Nick from Home and Away) were the 'hottest' things ever, haha.

  11. Hi Gillian :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'm loving yours! I'm so grateful for your photo of the Glasshouse gift set... I know at least 2 people on my gift list who will love them!


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