Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bang Bang Pistols

So i've had my Acne Pistols for just over a week now....... IT IS LOVE!

The courier delivered this massive box wrapped with Net-A-Porter's signature ribbon...

... and I pulled them out for a look!

The quality of these boots is just amazing. They are fully leather lined and I can see them lasting for a really really long time if I look after them.

The sizing is a little out of kilter , the size 39 were way too big with my heel slipping as I walked so I ordered the 38s. They were initially very tight and though I knew the leather would stretch out width wise I was worried about the fit length wise. I bit the bullet and decided I would keep the 38s and now after wearing them out and about they are becoming much more comfortable. A 38.5 would have been perfect but alas they don't do half sizes. 

I was a little worried that they would give me a stumpy leg look but I don't think that they do. 

I was also worried they wouldn't look good with dresses but that fear has also been alleviated! 

I wish I had better photos to share but alas I am only one girl with a iPhone ha ha!

I'm very very happy with my purchase and I am glad to have finally crossed this of my list of lust!


  1. Love them!!
    I love leather, the quality is definitely worth paying for!

  2. Oh my goodness babe these are gorgeous!!

  3. These are amazing Gillian, such a worthwhile investment. Good on you for getting them!

  4. I do adore these shoes! Great investment! x

  5. Oh look, another Michaela (gives side eye).
    Love your pistols, I tried to nab them myself, but they don't stock my size. Super jealous!

  6. Ahhh I love them so much! They look great on you, and they look awesome with dresses! xx

  7. They look great on you! I could never pull anything like this off :)

  8. What beauties!


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