Monday, February 6, 2012


What an amazing yesterday was . Sydneysiders would know that the weather recently has been beyond dismal and that we are expected to have only four days where it doesn't rain for the rest of February. May I remind you that it is still summer! I knew when I woke up yesterday morning that I would have to do something REALLY good to make use of the day. 

Well all it took was for a lovely Melbournite Milijana  to post photos on Instragram of the beautiful views of Bondi and it was decided, to Bondi I would go. And by go I mean eventually go after two hours, a train and two buses. One would think I was travelling from Perth, not within Sydney.

I'll let the photos do the talking. 

Bondi Icebergs

Atonement, which I picked up from the markets and read on a grassy hill.

Imagine waking up to these views? So beautiful.

Bondi Pavilion

Looking at the cliffs towards Bronte. 

Love the natural landscape against the sea. 

It is easy to see why Bondi is so iconic. Sure, there are plenty of beaches that surpass it in beauty in Australia but the atmosphere and crowds combined with more blue sky then you could poke a stick at really does give it a special feel.

I had lunch at Ravesi's and continued reading. I ate lychee gelato. I dipped in the water and dug my toes in the sand.

It was completely refreshing and exactly what I needed. Sometimes a girl needs a day alone in a beautiful location to collect her thoughts and regroup. 

I'm sure the lovely Kirryn would agree it was an amazing day!

Where do you like to go to recharge your batteries? Do you enjoy 'me' time by yourself or do you prefer to have company to bounce your thoughts off?

Facing lots of challenges this week, in a good way. Wish me luck xx


  1. Sounds like an absolutely amazing day! Sometimes you just need a day all to yourself to recharge :) x

  2. Your photos are gorgeous!
    Can you believe I've never been to Bondi! (The shopping centre, sure, but not the beach hahaha)
    Sounds like such a good day!

  3. So pretty, next time I'm in Sydney, I'll have to check it out :)

  4. One of my favourite things to do is relax with a good book, and if my boyfriend is there to rub my head all the better.
    Gems :)

  5. Yes I would agree Gill! I could not have thought of a better place to spend Sunday! I am totally in agreement with you on the 'atmosphere' of Bondi. It's so crowded and busy but I think that's what gives it it's amazing vibe. I absolutely love it. You picked a great way to recharge! x


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