Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Surprise Surprise!

I am not easily surprised. 

There have been verrrrrrrrrrry few things in my entire life that have ever truly surprised me. I actually LOVE surprises, but people seem to feel the need to tell me they have a surprise for me ( half the surprise is already ruined) and I always manage to add two and two together. I never ruin peoples fun by telling them I know and I try tell myself that maybe I am wrong, but I always seem to have it figured out. 

I remember once when T and I were young lovers and it was nearly my 17th birthday. He had bought me a fairly expensive ( given he was an apprentice and our age) dress as my present and I had no idea. Well I had no idea until one of our jerk friends was talking to me at a party a few days before and said ' Wow T must really like you to have bought you that dress you told him about". UMMM WUT! Why would you do that?! WHY? Surprise ruined. 

Having said that I have been truly surprised before and I loved it sick!

From the time I was 15 I worked in a coffee shop for 5 years throughout school and the start of uni. I used to keep another blog for a short while years ago where I recounted this awesome surprise I got while I was working there:

"So I was in bed on Sunday morning dreading having to serve crankies, clinging to my electric blanket. When i finally managed to get myself up and at it i got an awesome surprise.
My insanely chirpy little awesome boss comes in and hands me a bag.
Not just any bag but a Louis Vuitton bag!
Turns out she has brought me a cute little pouchette. 
I still dont know why?!

To this day I have no idea why she bought me this out of the blue, I mean it wasn't even my birthday! I was not even 18 at the time. I have great memories of working with my old boss and when I drop around to the local shops for coffee we still chat about Net A Porter and Strawberry Net ( I may have introduced a bad habit there.....) and freaky customers ha ha.

Another really cool surprise was when I turned 21. My friend L took me out for a coffee and when I opened  up my card I found out she was taking me away for a weekend in Melbourne! The scariest part at the time was that I had spent the day thinking about how much I wanted to go there again and came home after work and told me mum I was booking a plane ticket just hours before I was surprised. 

You can read about that trip here on my old blog.

So what about everyone else? Have you ever had a big surprise? Do you even like surprises? Tell me all! 


  1. What a lovely surprise! The best surprises are for no reason too :) That Melbourne trip sounded amazing too!

    I've gotten some lovely surprises, the morning of my 17th birthday my boyfriend got up at about 5am to come to my house and write on the road with chalk a huge happy birthday message, so that I would see it when I left for school. Still my favourite surprise ever!

  2. Aw.. Suprises are the best!
    Im not easily suprised as I seem to some how have a insight into what happening if something is really poorley planned i'll just guess it and most of the time its right lol!

    I think one time I was really suprised as a teenager was one christmas my parents mentioned that christmas wasnt going to all about presents this year and more focused on spending time with a sick family member, and then bang! they brought me a tiffany and co braclet it was one of the best gifts I have ever recieved and still cherish it right to this day!

  3. i am a terrible surprise keeper. i just get so excited that i need to share it with everyone! including the person i am surprising...

    i've never really been surprised, i'm too much of a super sleuth and always work things out.


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