Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ode to Winter: I Hate You.

It's cold, it's windy. I'mma be getting up in winter's grill about how it's such a jerk! I know it's not even winter yet but from the day I have to begin a search for hole less stockings to wear to work , it all goes downhill for me. 

Am currently missing these sorts of views.

Fiji last year...wahhhhh.

And fun warm weather friendly activities.....such as KAYAKING!

I want to live on an islandddddd!

Quick breakdown of my hatred for the cold: You get rained on more often, it's dark when you finish work, winter clothes cost more, you need to wear MORE clothes, wearing more clothes makes you feel quite rotund, your feet get cold and no one wants to share a bed with you, salad for lunch suddenly become the WORST THING EVER, you fall asleep with your electric blanket on and sear off half your body etc etc etc. 

I could go on all day.

Are you a summer lover like me? Or do you get all freaky over winter? I'll promise not to judge any cold lovers out there....maybs.


  1. I love summer and could not agree with you move. The only credit I can give to winter is that winter fashion is much more appealing, I honestly cannot stand it and usually use it as a time to hibernate.

  2. Winter fashion always look so good in my head, when it comes to translating it to my wardrobe I always fail. I thought of a single plus: soup!


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