Monday, October 31, 2011

Fish Eye 2

I recently brought a Fish Eye 2 and have been having fun experimenting.

Haven't quite got the hang of it, after years of exclusively using a digital camera and snapping away freely, a film camera has taken some getting used to! I have to admit I had trouble putting the film in, oh the shame. 

I didn't know you could get copies of your film shots put on CD now! Handy.

Here are some pictures from NYC. A bit dark unfortunately ( though it was really overcast) , I need to do a whole lot of practicing.  

Central Park

Midtown East

Super convoy of police during the U.N General Assembly

This was my second roll, I had some better shots on the first roll I took but unfortunately don't have them on a CD.

Does anyone else use a Fish Eye? 

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  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog! Hope you'll find that cider, it is delicious!

    So jealous that you are in NYC, must be a blast. Those fish eye camera photos are amazing! Must be weird to go back to using the old school camera & film!



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