Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another Weekend Wrap Up

Continuing on from Friday......

I went to see Kanye West's concert! I loooooooveeeeeeeee Kanye, I think his songs are amazing and I spend a good amount of time rapping along to them each day while I am driving. Actually, the way I rap the songs is so passionate you would think that it was ME who wrote them! You don't even want to see how I behave when Gold Digger comes on when I am at a club. I don't want to see that either, it is sure to be horrendously embarrassing. 

ANYWAY, the concert was great although I do wish he played more songs from College Dropout which has some of my favourite tracks i.e School Spirit, Last Call and New Workout Plan. Oh well! 

It was a great night and the crowd was really into it which was great because there is nothing worse then being in the seating section and wanting to dance but everyone else is sitting there with a bored look on their face. 

In between dancing like a maniac I was double parking with gin and tonics and excitedly tweeting the lovely Ballet Flats who was also there. 

This is my sister and I before we left. She is so tall wahhh not fair! 

Ahhh yeh...... that is one terrible picture of Kanye haha. 

I took this one short video, but I couldn't help but notice people were standing there videoing the whole thing on their crappy iPhones?! Surely it would be better to actually watch the concert and use your MEMORY to recall how awesome it was instead of a grainy screechy video like the one featured below haha. 

Yesterday I was waiting for T to come back from Melbourne and to avoid having my second nanna nap of the day ( addiction) I made an easy butter cake. Topped it with some rosewater whipped cream ( YUM!) and strawberries and took it to share with T's family. Nice and easy dessert. 

Had a few glasses of wine which always go down well. Severe lack of cheese was noted. 

Went to my favourite breakfast/brunch/lunch place for a late lunch. Wildpear! It is a little place is a nursery out in Dural and it is so surprisingly good! If you ever in northwest Sydney and in need of food you should go there!

Behold the magnificence of fig and ricotta bruschetta with mint and orange blossom honey. SO. FREAKIN'. GOOD!

Wildpear people! That is where it is at! Google it! 

I love figs and I really need to pick up a box from the many roadside stalls near T's place. I find that they tend to spoil quickly though?

Oh I also made a trip to Bunnings on my own accord to buy a new plant for my room ( Read: To replace the one that met an untimely end after a extreme sun/too much water ) incident. At $2.50 a pop  it is a much cheaper option then fresh flowers!

As I had just finished at the gym I was really keen on a sausage sizzle but it wasn't ready yet. THIS IS WHY I HATE BUNNINGS! Too much walking and the denial of sausage sizzles. You've crossed me one too many times! 

Finally, I went ahead and bought the much lusted after Acne Pistol boots and they should be with me before the end of the week! SO EXCITED! Thank you Net-A-Porter! 

So that does it for me. As usual I would love to know what everyone else got up to? And does anyone have any plant growing tips to share? HELP ME! 

Ps. I shall go insane if this humidity does not up and leave ASAP! 


  1. Ooh I love kanye too! His concert looked so much fun! You and you're sister are gorgeous!

  2. Argh humidity, you make me want to curl up in the foetal position and cry. Huuuhuuuuuhuuuuuuuuu.

    Good to see everyone around you was also up and dancing at the Kanye concert, I too cannot deal when everyone around me is acting like they're watching a particularly dull Shakespeare play hahaaa. PEOPLE, YOU ARE AT A CONCERT, DAAAAAAANCE AND SIIIIIIING!

    That cake looks/sounds delish. AND I said it on twitter but YAY for the boots. Yay yay yay. Cannot wait to see how you style them :D


  3. kanye!! we danced like no tomorrow too. saturday morning i woke up wondering why my abs were so sore only to remember the dancing, oh the dancing! i'm thinking of getting a black tutu so we must definitely work on our dance routines with a goal to going on tour with him. i read in the paper today that that black tutu dancer had to dance for far longer than she was supposed to because his microphone was malfunctioning... who cares, she was awesome!

    i hope my tb imposter boots won't be too jealous of your acne real deal ones!

  4. I love kanye! I wanted to go see him, but no one wanted to come with :( boo! And I am very jealous about the Acne Pistols... I really really really REALLY want a pair!! xx

  5. Sadly, I can't help you when it comes to plant growing tips. Even my cactuses died, haha.

  6. Eeeeeee you got the pistols! Yayyy how exciting, can't wait to see pics when you get them!

    The Kanye concert sounded amazing! x

  7. Love that concert photo!!
    Totaly agree with people who record the whole thing on their shitty phones. It is so annoying! I love to get a few snaps right at the start, then just rock out for the rest of the gig. Ohhh I love live music!!

    That cake looks delish! and omg I love figs too!!


  8. I'm definitely going to remember to try Wildpear! Just googled it though and couldn't find a menu :( I'm forever reading menus online xxx

    1. Me to! I always need to know where we are going to eat so I can look up the menu and imagine what I am going to eat. Trust me when I say that the menu at WP is to DIE for. Very yummy x

  9. I used to live near Dural but I've never heard of Wildpear - need to tell my Mum to go and investigate. Thanks for the tip!


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