Friday, January 27, 2012


Hope you all had a great Australia Day!

Due to the weather ( Fake Summer 2011/2012 strikes again) it seemed pointless to organise a BBQ, go swimming or head to the beach. So I had a think and and decided the best course of action was to head to high tea!

As I have a large memory bank of eateries all around Sydney stored in my brain I recalled that the high tea at Lilianfels in the Blue Mountains was meant to be good so I rounded up the girls and away we we went! And by off we went I mean we took a hour and a half drive there battling blinding rains on the freeway and ominous fogs haha. It's a really pretty place though!


Scones with jam and double cream are so good ! My favourite! Sandwiches with the crusts cut off on lovely soft bread! 

Now the sweets were nice but personally I feel quite sickly and one or two is enough for me, I'd prefer more sandwiches!

The area where they hold the high tea is so lovely and with the rain outside it was super cosy.

Love my girls!

Pretty gardens!

Last night I had nothing to do and I was really bored so I took myself down to Woolies for supplies.

 Lychee liqueur with this raspberry lemonade and lemon slices was heavenly!

I will never knock back some camembert with fig paste. Hello dinner. 

I then settled in and watched One Day. Excellent movie! I wish I had read the book first. There were tears.....wah! Loved it!

I took today off work as leave in anticipation of the hang over I thought I would have and then friends I thought would not be working. I WAS WRONG! 

After moping about hating on the rain I decided to get my self together and took myself off to Paddington to the Acne store as I realllllllly wanted to try on some pistol boots for size. 

This is what I wore. 

This rain is wrecking havoc with my hair. I rediscovered NARS Flamenco lipstick. Still not sure about it. 

Bad photo, but I LOVE THEM! I needed a size 38 though as the 39 was a touch too big and they didn't have them in stock. I tried on a suede pair in 38 and there were perfect. Have ordered them in but will search online for a better price in the mean time . YAY! This is the most I will have dropped for any item of apparel ever. To be honest, I think about these shoes every day. 

Had a bite to eat, read some Pride and Prejudice on the Kindle ( not enjoying) and came home. 

Tonight I am going to see Kanye West. My main objectives is to sing like I wrote the songs myself and have a child with Yeezy. Can't wait!

Whats happening with the rest of you? Do you like high tea? Do you agree that the sweet to savoury ratio is out of proportion? Anyone else feel like the rain is ruining their lives? Tell me all!


  1. Sooooo sick of the rain it's not funny.
    Are you not loving the kindle, or pride and prejudice? TBH I don't get the fuss over jane austen. i find her books boring.
    Also - love your dress in the pics with your friends! Looks so good on you!

    1. P & P! Soooo boring and the uneccessary CAPITLISATION of RANDOM words is getting ON my nerves ha ha!

      Dress is from Sussans and I saw it on sale last week!

  2. I love my sweets!!! I love savoury stuff too, but if there are amazing sweets to be enjoyed, I'll happily skip the savoury dishes :)
    I love the dress you wore on Australia Day!

  3. Looks like you had a great Australia day! The weather up north here has been so yucky too, lots of rain.

    Hope you get those acne boots soon, I have then in nude leather and they are awesome! :)

    1. Gah! Rain!

      Oh really?! They would look so good in nude too! Do you find them to be comfortable?

  4. Poor Sydders:( Our weather was pretty nice, I would've loved to go to High Tea though, have never been. I agree with you on places having more sweet than savoury! I always prefer more sandwiches, team savoury all the way.

    Happy day after Australia Day!

  5. It's actually not raining here.


  6. Ahhh I'm so sick of the rain! Sounds like you had a lovely Australia Day, that high tea looks lovely! x

  7. I feel like I have so much to say about this post, I don't even know where to start. The rain! The scones! The fig paste!

    I'm suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to go to Woolies and buy a lot of cheese. And yes, I love love love high tea. I have a voucher for high tea at T2 that I got for my birthday in April that I need to use ASAP, I just keep forgetting to go.

    We'll agree to disagree on the sweet to savoury ratio - you can never have too many cakes. xxx

    1. I have a T2 voucher from Christmas that I need to use too!

      Nothing better than Woolies cheese runs! Must resist...... ha ha!


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