Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bedside Manner

After recently reading Miss Holly's post showcasing her fabulously arranged bedside table I was struck by a wave of motivation and finally got around to sorting out my own! My bedside table acts as a dumping ground of little things that don't have proper homes - I figure if I make it looks nice I will be more inclined to keep it tidy!

I have been collecting bits and bobs in colours that I intend to decorate my room with when I finally get around to painting it. Please disregard my lime green feature wall which complements my watermelon pink room SO wonderfully ( blame it on fifteen year old Gillian.....).

I had the opportunity to borrow my sisters Nikon with her amazing lens so I tried my hand at some non iPhone photography. I got a little snap happy so there are quite a few photos!

Some things I had already like the Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook which is perfect for giving my flowers some height! My favourite Ecoya French Pear candle also takes pride of place.

 I brought the three blue jars for $3.00 each from Bed Bath and Table.

The blue plate is part of a set of four I bought recently. They are by Freida Plumm, a Melbourne designer. She has some lovely stuff if you check out her website. I also brought some really pretty candle votives that match but I thought it was a bit much to have them all together? I might use one....hmmm.

Roses picked straight from the garden!

I bought this glass vase from Target yesterday ($16) and thought I might stick some hydrangea in it as it also grows in the garden, but I want to try learn some gardening skills so I forced T to take me to Bunnings, words he probably thought I would never utter. There was a bit of a ..... issue. I've had this plant less than 24 hours and I nearly killed it. I put it out in the sun to get some light and two hours later it was as flat as pancake! Thankfully some water has revived it! It only cost me $2.50 so I figure if it dies I can just replace it weekly haha. Cheaper than fresh cut flowers I tell you! Don't know how well it will go without any drainage. It's an experiment!

I put some blue stones at the bottom, can't see them as much as I thought i'd be able to.

I tend to collect pretty cards to be repurposed! This is from the Bond No. 9 shop on Bleecker Street NYC. Perfect to hide the stain from when a bottle of nail polish leaked out onto the table! Will be replacing the table shortly - hate blonde wood!

Chanel perfume card until I can find a suitable sized photo of my beau!

I'm so happy with how it looks! Can't wait till I can redo the rest of my room in a similar manner. I am imagining lots of white with splashes of blue- so fresh!

So there you have it! So much better to look at than a cluttered mess.

Back to work for me on Monday, it will certainly be a struggle after having the last 3 weeks off. I think I will go lay on the grass in the sun and read ( The Help is the book of choice at the moment) and make the most of what freedom I have left.....


  1. Love, love the blue jars! (blog looks great too)

  2. Lovely! The colours are nice and I love how you've reused the perfume cards! Those photos looks great too. Ahhhhh to have a fancy pants camera! I overhauled my room today and finally tidied up my bed side table. So nice having it all neat and tidy. Now to see how long it lasts!

  3. Your bedside table is beautifully styled :) I absolutely love the Frida Plumm cup and plate. Need to go look at her website. Oh, and I need a camera like that.

  4. So chic an cute.
    Ps: You have the best nail shape haha!

  5. Beautiful photos, I love the blue jars :)

  6. Love this!! It looks so refreshing! Ecoya candles are THE BEST. So delicious without being overpowering!!
    Also love the blog header!


  7. Gorgeous! I will NEVER show my bedside table. It is a disgrace! :) Love voyeuring though. Keep the pics coming. xx

  8. So pretty! I think a nice bedside table is essential, it's the first thing you see when you wake up of a morning, so it shouldn't be cluttered with junk! Beautiful blue jars x

  9. oh yay!! it looks gorgeous, just lovely!


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