Sunday, January 8, 2012

Summer Holidays

The beginning of the New Year brings a close to another glorious three weeks off work! Back to work tomorrow to join the rest of the masses for another year......sigh.

At least there was plenty of this. 

And this.

Oh and this! Can anyone say FastFeb?!

Stalked plenty of adorable cats. 

Did not nearly enough of this. 

Headed out for NYE and had an AMAZING NIGHT!

Wore plenty of cool summery clothes.

Ate plenty of BAD things to ease away hangovers.

Lounged in the pool.

Lounged in the spa.

Lounged in the sun! A whole lot of lounging and I was loving it sick.

Beautiful sunsets.

Breakfasts galore!

No complaints here - just how I love spending the break!

Anybody else going back to work tomorrow? I don't even remember how to get up before 10am these days. WAH!


  1. Last Monday was my first day back and yes it was painful..! haha goodluck :)
    Ps: Stunning outfits!

  2. What a lovely lazy holiday! Love holidays full of lazing around, with lots of yummy food and drinks. Good luck going back to work! It gets easier after the first week :) xx

  3. Love lazy holidays!!! I love your NYE outfit, so simple and so pretty! x

  4. Gorgeous pictures, it looks like you had a lovely break! x

  5. Looks suuuuper duper fun! I'm glad you had a great time :)


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