Thursday, August 18, 2011


Antipodes is a brand that is currently on my skin care radar. I've heard of it before but have never really paid attention until I had a chance to browse through Myer recently and it caught my eye. 

Antipodes is a New Zealand brand based on natural botanical ingredients with the added benefit of being certified organic. 

Let me just say, every single thing I tested smelt DIVINE!

Here are a few things I was especially fond of and quite possibly need in my life!

Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream  AU $56.00
A lovely rich and buttery cream featuring 100% pure avocado oil. I can just imagine slathering this on of a night time and waking up with beautifully soft skin.
Aura Manuka Honey Mask AU $51.00
This mask features natural manuka honey and is to be used as an intense moisture mask.  I imagine that  you could achieve similar results using plain old manuka honey on it's own but you wouldn't have the added bonus of more avocado oil, vanilla pod and mandarin would you?
Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream AU $52.00
This smelt amazing, though I am a sucker for anything vanilla! Not too heavy, but not too light in texture either, just how I like my daily moisturisers. 

I am lusting badly

Have you tried any Antipodes products? If you have, hit me with your recommendations!


  1. looooove the vanilla pod day cream, it's a fave of mine <3 wearing it today in fact :)

  2. I'm just about to place an order over at AdoreBeauty and they have a samples of some of the Antipodes items that I can't wait to receive!


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