Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Have to say the weather was a little crappy in Sydney this weekend. Yeah yeah yeah I know it's still winter but when you get hit with a block of sunshine and warm weather you don't go back to accepting the rain and grey skies without putting up a fight!

T and I were meant to go on a picnic on Sunday but the weather wasn't great and we were kind of too lazy to prepare the actual picnic. We went for a drive to Hornsby to have a look at the shops and a bit of a scenic drive through the Galston Gorge instead.

This lookout would have been great if you actually see over the trees two metres in front of you! 

We parked the car and went for a little wander....

....and found a pretty gorgeous little creek and a walking trail. I'm going back very soon for a 6km walk, I'm on the lookout for new walking spots lately. 

The rest of my weekend was pretty average mostly consisting of boredom , way to much food and verrrrrrrry slow internet! Boo! I guess it balances out the very busy weekend I have coming up. Now to get through the working week.....

Did anyone do anything exciting on the weekend? Let me live through you!

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