Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Sweet Saturday

I did something a little different today, I climbed the Harbour Bridge with T!

If you live in Sydney you've probably seen the little figures that are always climbing up the arch, well today I was one! I was worried I'd be doing it in the rain but luckily it was actually quite a nice day. 


It was pretty fun actually, and surprisingly not scary at all though I am not afraid of heights. The worst part was going up and down the few ladders to get to the arch walkway, banged my skins well and truly and have the bruises to prove it!

I think it's something you should do once if your in Sydney, the views were pretty spectacular. 

They say there is a sucker born every minute, well it must be true or why else would we have paid an exorbitant amount of money for an unflattering photo in a hideous jumpsuit, ha!

Yes, this is a photo of a photo. 

Afterwards we went up to the top of one of the pillons as we has some passes.

We live in a pretty great city, though walking around today I couldn't believe they ripped down such beautifully historic buildings and replaced them with what were essentially brown concrete cubicles. Oh the shame!

Anywho, after the climb we walked around The Rocks for a bit and popped into The Argyle for lunch. 

Despite this photo of shocking quality, the interior is fabulous. It looks like a great place for cocktails on the weekends!

Vodka soda with fresh lime, nectar of the gods!

They have a tapas menu so T ordered some onion rings (?!), and pork belly while I went for some potato dish and grilled polenta. 

I think I'll stick to the drinks next time. Potato dish was awful, half cold and tasted like it had been reheated thrice. 

I tried some port belly, also cold but acceptable. 

I love polenta dishes times a billion, this was OK but the 'salsa' that it came with turned out to be diced tomato. Needed SALSA!

I was pretty disappointed, especially because I could have had the magic that is GOZLEME instead! Who doesn't love gozleme, am I right?!

Never mind, all's well that ends well, and my day certainly ended well when I brought this rock candy which I am obsessed with, YUM!

Hope you all had an equally lovely Saturday. Did you notice I took photos of food in public?! I'm making progress!


  1. Bummer about the crappy food but yay for candy! How lovely are the jumpsuits? hahaha. i havent done the climb but so many people i know have. Thanks for your comment too, glad to know im not the only one who has a 'secret' blog :)

  2. yum that rock candy looks delsih!!

  3. I miss Australia so much! I was there two years ago and I can't wait to visit it again.


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