Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Things

Have been struggling massively with crazy sugar cravings lately. It's killing my life and consuming me! 

I went home last night after the gym, and even though I could hardly be bothered I made myself a healthy dinner. Then the sugar cravings struck!!!

So I cut up some strawberries and sprinkled them with a little castor sugar and some caramelised balsamic vinegar. BEST EVER. You have to try it,  it's seriously soooooo good. 

Oh well, my arms nearly dropped off when I was beating the cream by hand so I guess that counts as exercise right? RIGHT?!?!

I'm feeling so below average lately. I'm tired all the fricken time despite a good nights sleep and am not happy with my progress at the gym. I plan on smashing more iron into my diet, giving sugar the kick and really working on improving my fitness before summer!

I ordered Jillian Michaels ( Biggest Loser USA) 30 Day Shred DVD and am waiting for it to arrive ( any time now JB HIFI!) , am hoping this gives me a kickstart to take it to the next level. 


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  1. ooOOoooo what's the 30 day shred like?!

    when I have a sugar craving I have a low fat yogurt... sigh... better than cake I guess... not that I evenlike cake.



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