Saturday, August 27, 2011

Something New...

I tried my hand at a short video today, be the first to witness the awkwardness of learning to speak to yourself in a empty room! Ha!

I thought I'd talk quickly about some things I am planning on carrying with me on the plane when I head overseas in two weeks. 

Hmm......way to show a weird place in the video YouTube!

Perhaps I'll be brave enough to attempt another video soon, let me know what you think!

I'm going out for tapas now, YUMMM! xx


  1. my sister has that travel wallet - i'm jealous, i want it!
    good buy :)

  2. The travel wallet is really cute!

    My ears also sometimes hurt quite a lot because of the height difference and I haven't known that something exists to help you with that. I hope they sell it in my country! :)

  3. Ahhh I want that travel wallet! Thanks for reminding me about a few things that I ALWAYS forget when travelling (e.g. I did the black tag/black bag thing in Fiji too - bad idea!). Great idea about the throw away toothbrush things too. Plane bathrooms gross me out. xxx

  4. Clare- It's a really good one! Classic and well made :)

    Sandra- I'll let everyone know how they go, can't stand the sore ears!

    Jane- Yep, wasn't going to accidentally grab other peoples bag this time ha!

  5. Very cute first vid! So excited/nervous for you. Hope you have a blast in NYC. Do me proud with your Sephora hauling :)


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