Monday, August 15, 2011

City 2 Surf 2011

Yesterday I entered my third City 2 Surf with a group of friends. The City 2 Surf is a annual fun run held in Sydney each year and is a 14km race from the heart of the city to the iconic Bondi Beach. For the last two years the weather had been absolutely stunning but it was very grey and a little rainy yesterday. Luckily we didn't get too wet at all.

85,000 people entered this year! The vibe is a lot of fun with people dressed up ( packs of Starship Troopers and Mario's for example!) and houses and businesses along the streets pumping music and shouting encouragement!

By the time my starting group went over the line, 10,000 people had already finished the whole race!

Even though we only walked it this year, it still felt great to cross the finish line.

Next year I'm going to run the whole thing, no if's and but's! I love fun runs!


  1. Congrats for completing it!!
    I have always wanted to run the city2surf, but each year I end up busy!

    I think next year I will resolve to finish it,and pencil it in to my diary early so nothing else gets in the way!!

  2. I walked it last year and will prob walk again next year, hopefully I'll run it in the future though :D

  3. I half ran it this year! It was my first one and gosh it really is like a street party isn't it?


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