Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Weekend Wrap Up

Ahhhh so I didn't manage to post anything since last weekends wrap up. My bad. Here is a wrap up of this weekend. 

I wore : 

Anthropologie striped maxi dress with asymmetrical top. I am into maxi dress' in a big way at the moment, I like simple colours and absolutely NO halter necks myself. So comfy and easy to wear.

I drank:

A truck load of cider and too many vodka sodas. Loving it. 

I went:

Out for drinks with my girlfriends for some pre-birthday celebrations, damn you mid week birthday!
Was so looking forward to downing a few million mojitos but the place RAN OUT OF ICE. No thank you I don't think I will be waiting 20 minutes for my drink, give me a Strongbow ( poor substitute by the way.....).

Our table number is my soon to be age, damn this past year has gone quickly.

I burnt:

Glasshouse Coconut & Lychee candle. So summery, so good. A big thank you to my gorgeous bestie for gifting this to me!

I hated:

The fact that my skin is getting it's freak on and has morphed into a itchy mess! WAH! WAHHH I SAY! 

My mum is sooooo nice and brought me a bodywash from Lush to try help, thanks ma!

All up it was pretty good as far as weekends go!

Thanks for all your good wishes last week, am pleased to say I did pass my exams! YAY! YAYAYAAY! Although they did sent the results to my house early so I was convinced it was a letter of failure and spent a good two minutes having a nervous breakdown before I opened it :/ :/

This week: re-enrolling for uni, my birthday, boy toy taking me out for a super nice dinner on Friday!!


  1. Yayayayayaayaa you passssssssssssssssed!!!

    Love maxi dresses too and ALSO hate halter necks.

    Looks like you had a sublime weekend despite the ice incident.


  2. Rekordelig is the best stuff ever - I've been addicted to cider this year.

    Glad to hear you had a fun weekend. Yay for passing exams :)

  3. Congratulations on passing!! I think you must be doing the same course as my bestie - she found out she passed her exams last week too :)

    I love your outfit, the stripy maxi is so cute! x

  4. congrats!!
    i love mojitos how could those crackas run out of ice!!
    not fair.

  5. I loooove your outfit in that top photo! And I can't believe they had no ice! I've never heard of that happening before. Hope you had a great night anyway :)

    Happy birthday for this week!! xxx

  6. Oh I love maxi dresses and maxi skirts too, you have the figure I want! If I had that I'd wear them all the time too, lucky you. Mmm cider, geez you have good taste in everything!

  7. Congrats on ze exams and YAY for birthday :D p.s I might just travel all the way to parra to get my hands on that candle!

  8. Congrats on passing the exams, it's the best feeling ever, haha. :D

  9. Aelie- Wouldn't that be a coincidence!

    Jade- Yes yes go to Parramatta for sure! It's a shame they don't have the candles listed on the PA website.

  10. Oh man, I really want to try pear cider! And that candle sounds soo divine :) Great blog! x


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