Thursday, October 13, 2011

Instagram Anonymous

I like to think I am relatively up to date with social media etc etc, so how did I not know how amazing Instagram is until recently?!

I've had this app on my iPhone for ages, but I am completely thick and thought it was for making your photos look cool, I didn't realise that you could post, follow and comment much like Twitter ( oh how I love thee!).

Now that I have seen the light, I am addicted! 

I'm posting what I am wearing, what I am doing and what I am eating!

I think you all ought to follow me, my user name is xxgillpillxx. I need more people to follow too, so shoot me your user name please!


  1. Just followed you! I haven't taken many photos yet, I need to get back on it, but my username is: megsadventures.

  2. Yes yes yes all yes's for Instagram!

    I just followed you :)


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