Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I am loving that Sydney is slowly easing its way into the warmer months, it's so lovely this evening which is helping to dull the pain of the fast approaching Monday morning. 

I had a pretty nice weekend, although I am certain I have never consumed so much sugary junk in such a short space of time!

It started when I got home on Friday and my sister was holding a Girl's Night In to raise money for breast cancer. So many delicious things! Like these pink cupcakes for example. 

T took me out for a nice dinner on Friday night , we ended up going to a Lebanese restaurant that I adore. I ate so much lebanese bread and labne ( my favourite!) that I practically had to be rolled out of the place. 

Despite this feeling of being about to EXPLODE, I still managed to suggest we go to Cold Rock for ice cream. Clearly my stomach knows no bounds. 

They have a Red Bull flavoured ice cream, can you imagine how horrific that would taste?!

I discovered that orange juice with frozen ice cubes made with pureed strawberry is really yum. 

I got my first film developed that I took using my Fish Eye 2 camera, some of them look really good! Others, well I forgot to take the cap off the lens.....duh. Looking forward to experimenting further.

I saw my Aunty who gave me an early birthday present, a cute little coin purse she brought for me when she was in Spain recently. I haven't heard of Loewe before, but apparently they are known for their excellent quality leather. I like the little 'L' on the zipper as my family nickname is Lila, cute!

Today T and I went on a bush walk, it was such amazing weather for it! It ended up being pretty challenging! I love getting out and enjoying nature every now and then, so invigorating.

I can't wait for this week to be over, I am expecting exam results on Thursday ( after waiting for nearly two months!) and am so nervous. Fingers crossed for me please!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, now excuse me while I attempt to shake myself out of this sugar coma x


  1. Good luck with your results, I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  2. crossing fingers.
    oh i love bush walking!
    i always nearly die by the end and usually have a full bladder for the last 3kms

  3. Good luck for your exam results! Such a frustrating wait isn't it :( What sort of things did your sister have at her Girls Night In? I'm holding one this Friday and still looking for activites/prizes/food ideas;P

  4. oh that seems really interesting the orange juice and strawberry ice cubes (:
    hope your results went good (:!

    CMPang x


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