Friday, October 7, 2011

NYC Part Three ft. A New York Moment

Despite some last minute self doubt on whether or not it was a good idea to do this trip by myself, it was without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. The sense of absolute freedom and independence was addictive, making coming back home that extra bit harder. 

To those contemplating a solo trip, I strongly encourage you to do so. It was a great chance to self reflect, get caught up in my own thoughts and helped me clarify my future goals. 

Despite this, there are of course times where you wish you had someone to turn around to and say "Did you just see that?!" or to be there to take your happy snaps. Rather than have my photo album looking like I robbed a post card shop, I took to accosting innocent bystanders when the view was too spectacular to pass up so I have a handful of photos with me in them.

On one particular day I was on an absolute mission to get to The Metropolitan Museum of Art as I had been told that they hold Friday evening drinks on the rooftop during the warmer months and the view was to die for. I had a plan formed that started with me visiting the MoMA and then going straight to The Met, this was of course thwarted by 5th Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendal and Laduree. Somehow 5 hours disappeared into a retail black hole. 

By the time I got to the Met some hours later my feet were screaming for mercy. I also severely underestimated just how HUGE the place is. After seeing as much as I could, I began to try find the rooftop which was another mission in itself. I was THIS close to giving up, but I made it in the end and you know what, it was so worth the effort.

As it happens, my camera battery died just as I got there so all I have is my faithful iPhone snaps. Looking over the treetops of Central Park out to the city skyline as the sun set was a view I will never forget. 

I knew I had to have a photo, so I bit the bullet and asked the people next to me if they wouldn't mind taking one. The obliged, and the next thing you know ( and I am talking within the space of 2 minutes!) they have invited me to join them for dinner that evening! Now I am not the kind of person who usually does things on a whim and would usually politely decline, but I thought, why the hell not? The only thing I had planned was going back to the hotel to massacre some macarons. 

We got to talking there on the rooftop, and after deciding that it didn't seem likely that they would murder me,   we caught a cab down to Hell's Kitchen to a thai place for dinner. They were a great bunch of people, so much fun and their stories had me dying with laughter. Somehow I found my second wind and powered on through the evening and had the most amazing time before parting ways.

And you know what, I have my one photo from that rooftop to remind me of that evening for the years to come. 

Ahh, memories!



  1. What a fantastic story! I always find it's the things that you never planned to happen in a trip are always the most amazing experiences. I almost wish I did NYC by myself now! x

  2. BEST story

    Isn't it amazing what happens when we come out of our comfort zone.

    So, so jelly of you.


  3. What a great story! I wish something like that would happen to be but I'm way too shy... :/

  4. This post is perfect and so is your blog!
    I've been a fan for a while now, keep it up :)

    Say Hi to your newest follower!

    Maybe you could check out mine and follow if you get time?


  5. Amazing story!!! Your solo trip sounds AWESOME!! Wish I had the courage to get out of my comfort zone!


  6. you are SO brave. I spent a week in Florida by myself (I knew someone but couldn't see them during the day) and would have staved if it were not for room service on some days because I was too scared to venture out by myself. You should be so proud!


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